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Slots (Online Slots)

Learn more about slot games.

There are hundreds of kinds of slot games on online casinos. You can of course play the slots for real money, and the big payouts can be anywhere from few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars.

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Hot graphics and bonus game payouts in the "SPIDER-MAN" slot game!

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Win free spins when you get underwear reel items on the "Dr Lovemore" slot game.

How to start playing

To start playing, firs, download the game software for free from an online casino site. You can try most of games for free in the trial mode, and when you find a game of your choice, make a deposit to start playing for real money.

As there are a variety of online casinos out there, the variety of slots offered in those casinos are also many. It is recommended to try out a few casinos first before making your choice (What is an online casino? >>)

As written below, you can receive bonuses to play slot games. Take advantage of these bonuses to play wisely.

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Experience reports on slots

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Slots rules and lingo

Some of the detailed rules may differ depending on the slot game, but the general rules are as follows.


Slots strategy free games2The "Reels" refer to the part of the machine that spins. The slot game shown on the right has three reels.

Most slots have 3 to 5 reels.


Slots strategy free games2 "Paylines" refer to the patterns of the order of reel items that will give you a payout.

The number of paylines available in a slot game differs for each game. Some have only 1 payline, while others have 21.

Bonus Games

Slots strategy Gold Ralley
Some slots have bonus games which are miniture games where you can win extra, that appear when you get ceratin reel items. Some examples of bonus games are:

The winnings depend on your bet amount, but is usually anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. With the bonus games, your winnings can easily grow 2 to 4 times the original amount!

Bet amounts

The amounts you can bet vary on different slot games.
Each medal can be worth anywhere from $0.05 to $10. The paylines can also vary from 1 to as high as 20 lines, so if you want to play small, you can pick a game with a few paylines and bet $0.05 per line, or if you want to bet big, you can pick a game with 20 paylines and bet $10 per line.

You can adjust the bet amount according to your budget or your feeling of luck for that day. You can feel your heartbeat go up when you bet big on one spin!

The players that I know, usually prepare about $100 per play, but some of the bigger players have a playing budget of about $500 to $1,000.

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Are there any strategies for slots?

Take advantage of bonuses

When you play slots on online casinos, make use of the bonuses provided. For example, with a 100% welcome bonus (where you can receive 100% of the amount of your first deposit extra in bonuses), if you deposit $100, you will have in total $200 to start playing.

Click here for a detailed explanation of bonuses >>

Try different games

There are many different slot games in different online casinos.

The same slot game can be played on different online casinos. Also, there are many different types of slot games with different rules and bonus games. Pick the game that best suit you or you feel is lucky.

Max Bet

Always bet with max bet (betting on all possible paylines).

On most slot games, the payouts are bigger for max bets. Also on a progressive jackpot slot game (where the jackpot accumulates as people play on the game), you can only win the jackpot if you are betting on max bet.

Try slots on the free trial mode

Online Casinos Start playing Read more
Slot free game3	Everest Casino
Slot free game4	888Casino
Slot free game5	Carnival Casino
Slot free game6	Inter Casino

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Variations of slots

Part of the attraction of slots is the many variations to the game. Especially the popular "prograssive jackpot" slots and "bonus game" slots are fun and have the chance to payout big.

Standard slots

Standard slots strategy free game

This is the most basic type of slot. It is simple and easy to understand.

There are games with 1 payline, as shown on the right, or games with 20. The more paylines, the more frequently you win, so it is much more entertaining. However, with more paylines, you have to bet more per spin. You can set it so that your bet amount per line is small, if you want to bet smaller.

Bonus game slots

Standard slots strategy bonus games

These are slot games where you can enter a "Bonus Game" when you get certain reel items to line up. In some cases, you can win hundreds of dollars just on the bonus games!

For example, in this "Magic Slots" game, when you get the magic wands to line up...

Standard slots strategy bonus games

The bonus game starts!

Pick from one of the hats. Let's choose the hat on the far left...

Standard slots strategy bonus games2

A $300 win!

Its not so rare to win this big in one round of a bonus game. The bonus games are all entertaining in graphics as well.

Progressive jackpot slots

Slots Gold Ralley progressive jackpot

In a "progressinve jackpot" slot game, a part of the chips bet by each player around the world, is accumulated as a jackpot where one lucky winner will take it all!

In the past, people have won over one million dollars on these games, and is the flagship games of the casinos.

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Try slots for free

The casinos shown below offers a large number of slots you can play for free. Try out the games first for free to find your favorite.

Online Casinos Start playing Read more
Slot free game3 Everest Casino
Slot free game4	888Casino
Slot free game5 Casino Las Vegas
Slot free game6 Inter Casino

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