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Imperial Casino Experience Reports

  • 12/25 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieSolitaire on Imperial Casino
    Let's try Solitaire! This is the simple game that everyone knows. The rules for playing is a bit different than just simply bet and win. You place a bet to play the game, and you get wins per card that you solve. The game on Imperial Casino is very nice....Read more
  • 12/20 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckiePinball on Imperial Casino
    Let's try another new slot game! PINBALL on Imperial Casino has been on my mind for quite a bit now, but I have not had the chance to play it. I wonder what the bonus game looks like. I hope I can play some kind of a pinball-like bonus game......Read more
  • 12/03 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBack at Jurassic Cash
    I just can't stop playing this game... haha "Jurassic Cash" on Imperial Casino. It must be my favorite game for quite a while now. Whoohoo! Free spins on my third spin! I wonder why I like this game so much... Probably because I can play with low denominations and still...Read more
  • 11/28 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieVegas Blackjack on Imperial Casino
    Whoo hoo! I am going to Hong Kong for work from tomorrow! Why am I so happy?? Because I am also going to Macau with my boss, for a couple days of casino fun! So today, I will do some preparations! In Macau, I am planning to play blackjack. The...Read more
  • 11/19 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieSlots again on Imperial Casino
    Back on the slots again :) I don't know why but the slot games on the Everest software, such as on Imperial Casino, is really nice. The wins feel really nice, and there are lots of slots to choose from. Today I will try one I have not tried before,...Read more
  • 10/31 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBack at Jurassic Cash on Imperial Casino
    I am so hooked on this game now... Just look how big the jackpot is!!!! Over 900,000US dollars!!!!! And even if I bet $2.10 per spin, I am still eligible to win 10% of the jackpot, which is still 90,000US dollars!!!!!! Man, I can't wait to get that jackpot. haha...Read more
  • 10/30 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieJurassic Cash on Imperial Casino
    Man, I am on a roll! I got 12 free spins on my first spin! I am playing on a simple slot game called "Jurassic Cash" on Imperial Casino. With only betting $2.10 per spin, I won $12.60 on the free spins, then another big win of $15.60 right after...Read more
  • 10/14 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieQuick play on Imperial Casino's Blackjack
    A quick play during lunch time! Too much video poker recently... I think I will relax by playing on the normal Blackjack game. Imperial Casino's Blackjack is a good choice for just simple playing. Good hands! The dealer does well, but not as good as me! hehe Two 21's. Let's...Read more
  • 10/05 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieTriple Double Bonus Video Poker again on Imperial Casino
    On my mission to get a four-of-a-kind again. haha If you read my last entry, I was playing on "Triple Double Bonus Video Poker" where I can win big with four-of-a-kind hand. But unfortunately I didn't get one. No wonder, it is a pretty hard hand to get... So I...Read more
  • 10/01 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieTriple Double Bonus Video Poker on Imperial Casino
    Hello everyone, I hope you are well and not in the hospital like me :) I am in need of being hospitalized for the next week! It sounds serious, but it's really silly... I have to get two of my teeth pulled out due to something in my gums, but...Read more
  • 09/14 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieAtlantis on Imperial Casino
    It seems that weekends are busier than weekdays in the summer... I get so many phone calls of barbecues, parties, or drinking and I am already filled up for the rest of the month... Well so it seems weekday nights are my "relax times". Today, I had a rough day...Read more
  • 09/09 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBlackjack Again on Imperial Casino
    Man, I am hooked on Blackjack. haha Playing this time on Imperial Casino again. I wanted to play here again, because I won quite a lot last time I played here. I'm winning again, but not as much as last time. Up about $20... I have been paying with two...Read more
  • 08/24 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBlackjack on Imperial Casino
    The closest land based casino to where I live in Japan, is Korea or Macau. I have never been to a Korean casino, but have been to Macau many times. In Macau, the favorite game of the visitors is Baccarat, and there are many many tables for Baccarat. My favorite...Read more
  • 08/21 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieVideo Poker on Imperial Casino
    Playing random games on Imperial today. Now I'm playing video poker... I wonder what kind of strategies there are for video poker... I think there should be a factor of probability on what cards to hold. Especially because there is only one deck being used. For example, in the case...Read more


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