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Carnival Casino Experience Reports

  • 02/16 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckie"Big Bucks Bonus" Promotion on Carnival Casino
    Wow, it has been a long time since an update on my blog here... I hope everyone has been enjoying their playing time online. I had been away from my playing for some time now due to a really busy schedule at work... Fortunately the wave of busy days has...Read more
  • 12/18 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieQueen of Pyramids on Carnival Casino
    Some slots on the weekend :) Queen of Pyramids on the Playtech software is a good game. There is a jackpot, and also many features like free spins. Like here, I won 4 free spins, and got $16.50 out of it! The spins have very nice and smooth graphics. I...Read more
  • 12/14 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieSic Bo on Carnival Casino
    I just ordered my Christmas present, playstation3! woohoo! Now, I wonder if I can win the same amount of money on the casinos. I'm gonna try a new game today. Sic Bo. This is a game where three dice are rolled, and you need to try to guess the outcome....Read more
  • 12/07 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBlackjack Surrender on Carnival Casino
    Playing Blackjack Surrender on Carnival Casino. I wonder if I have played this before... I really like the "surrender" feature on blackjack games. If you have bad hands, you can cancel your hand and get half of your bet back. Better to admit the loss, than risk losing the entire...Read more
  • 11/28 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieLive Baccarat on Carnival Casino
    Macau was really fun! There are so many places you can visit now. We went to the Sands Casino and the Venetian. Sands Venetian I want to visit the City of Dreams, which was built very recently, but I did not have the time to go. City of Dreams There...Read more
  • 11/14 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieEuropean Roulette on Carnival Casino
    I want to try to play something different today. Will try some roulette! I never really play too much, due to that I can't really figure out the right strategy... But let's try again today. I am playing on the European Roulette on Carnival Casino. Really nice graphics on this...Read more
  • 11/13 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieCinerama on Carnival Casino
    Just enjoying some slots while watching youtube. haha The good thing about the slots on Playtech software (as used on Carnival Casino), is that you have the "Autoplay" featurea where the game will automatically keep spinning, according to the rule sets you can put on it. You can set it...Read more
  • 11/05 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieThree Hand Blackjack on Carnival Casino
    Too much slot games recently... haha After my big plays on Jurassic Cash, I have been going on the slots FOREVER... But, I am not having too much luck on it, so I decided to relax a bit by playing some Blackjack. You can't expect big wins like you get...Read more
  • 10/25 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieRandom Games on Carnival Casino
    Lucky Blackjack... Interesting. In this game, you don't play blackjack, per say, but you bet on what the outcome of the dealer will be. So, in blackjack, the dealer can get anything from 17-21 or bust. Let's try 18, and see what I get. Whoa!! I won on my first...Read more
  • 10/21 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieLive Baccarat on Carnival Casino
    Gotta try something new once in a while. Now, I have not played Baccarat so much, but I think I will give it a try today. I am going to play on a live dealer version of the game. You can see that there are quite a few players on...Read more
  • 10/11 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckie10-Line Jack or Better on Carnival Casino
    Working on the machines again. Got hooked on the machine games from last time with the video blackjack. Today, I am on the video poker game in Carnival Casino, that allows me to bet on 10 hands at the same time. I'm doing so-so, I have been playing for a...Read more
  • 09/28 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieDeuces Wild on Carnival Casino
    Deuces Wild is a variation of a video poker game. Usually, in a normal "Jacks or Better", you can get paid out if you get anything over a pair of Jacks. In this game you cannot get paid out unless you get three of a kind or more. But, "2"...Read more
  • 09/17 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckie3D Roulette on Carnival Casino
    Playing some roulette today. Carnival Casino has a nice one called 3D roulette. The roulette is very nice in graphics and the navigation is very simple and easy. I am not sure what this is called but the below picture on the left side of the screen makes it easy...Read more
  • 09/05 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieWall St Fever on Carnival Casino
    Another day of aiming for the big jackpot! The jackpot for Wall St Fever at Carnival Casino has risen to $143,367! Incredible! What would you do with that much money? I always have a plan in mind of if I win a jackpot. haha 1. Save up half of the...Read more
  • 08/27 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieSlots on Carnival Casino
    To play through my bonus points, I am playing slots on Carnival Casino today. I received a welcome bonus at Carnival Casino, which is a bonus that I can received when I make my first deposit at the casino after making an account. But in order to withdraw my bonus,...Read more
  • 08/08 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieVideo Poker on Carnival Casino
    Ah weekend. I went to a BBQ yesterday with some friends in a big park. How nice it is to sit outside, throw some frisbee and then eat meat till you can't move any more. haha Everything was quite nice, except that for one of the guys started to hit...Read more
  • 08/04 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBlackjack on Carnival Casino
    A bit of casino in on my lunch break:) I work in a game development company in Japan, and have one hour for lunch, which gives me enough time to eat a sandwich while I play some casino games! Of course while I do so, I try to show as...Read more
  • 08/01 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieLive Roulette on Carnival Casino
    Hello there! I am slowly getting over my cold. What kind of remedies does everyone use to get over colds? In Japan, Chinese herbs are very popular. I took some yesterday, and I feel surprisingly better today. The only problem is that the herbs tastes really really bad... Now, getting...Read more
  • 07/31 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieWelcome bonus at Carnival Casino
    Be careful of air conditioning... Man I feel dizzy, a terrible weekend with a summer cold. I think its the air conditioning that I leave on all night when I go to bed, but no way I can sleep in this heat without it. I had plans to go out...Read more


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