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Caribbean Stud Poker on Swiss Casino

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There are many types of poker games on online casinos.

For example, "Caribbean Stud Poker" is a great version of poker.
Here is what it looks likes:


To start playing, you need to place coins on the "Ante" spot.
Also, you can bet $1 on the coin slot above the Ante, to try for the progressive jackpot.

Then, click on "Deal" to start playing.


5 cards are dealt to the player and dealer, and you can see one card of the dealer.

You need to try to beat the dealer's hand.
If you feel that you can win, you can click on "Call" where you will bet an additional 2 times the amount of your ante.
Or, you can choose to "Fold" and not play this round.

The dealer only joins with a one pair or with and Ace and King.
Otherwise the dealer "does not qualify" and you can win 2 times your bet amount.
If the dealer qualifies, the payout gets higher as you get a better hand.
But, if the dealer does not qualify, even if you have a good hand, you can only win 2 times your bet amount.


In this hand, the dealer and I both had one pairs, but since I had a one pair with a higher card, I win!

Also, if you get a hand that is flush or higher, you can win a part of or all of the progressive jackpot.

2011/05/27 08:40 PM

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