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Slots on Everest Casino

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I will play on Everest Casino today.
This is the first time for me depositing into Everest Casino, so I received the new deposit bonus :)
Wow, I had made an account on Everest long time ago and had not deposited, but it seems I still get the bonus without a problem.

Okay, let's try some slots!
How about this one, "Lucky Charms".


Hmm, weird music... haha

Let's try it out.
The spinning graphics is very unique, set on this "mysterious" theme.


I see now that the items on each reel must be lucky charm items from all over the world.
You can see the beetle from Egypt, the Chinese character for good luck, and the golden cat which is a Japanese lucky item.
Bring on the luck!

The game also has a Jackpot.
I am playing "Lucky Charms 1" so the jackpot is about $4,600.
There are other versions, like "Lucky Charms 50" with a jackpot of $103,000!

Nice, I got a bonus round!
I guess three sevens starts the bonus game.


Here is what it looks like:


I get to open 7 spaces and if any of them match, I get paid out.
Here we go!

Nice, I got a match from the first two picks!


Awesome, another match on the next picks!


Ended up with another pair, to win a total of 105 coins.
The lucky charms worked. haha

This is a fun game, with many extra features, just look at the "Pay Table".
Okay, I will keep playing for a bit longer.

Come oooooon lucky charms!

2011/04/05 04:35 PM

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