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Bonus on Carnival Casino

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Hi Readers,

Playing some slots while I type here. haha

Today, I will give an update of what happened after playing last time on Carnival Casino, in regards to the "Big Bucks Bonus"...
Please read my previous blog entry to read more about this bonus.

Well, at first there was no update because I did not receive anything in my email inbox...

So, I decided to send Carnival Casino an email, to find out just what the "Big Bucks Bonus" was all about.

Here is my email:

Within a day after sending the email, I received the following reply:

I guess with the amount that I played, it wasn't enough to fullfill the requirements to receive a bonus...
That is unfortunate...

In order to not get into these disappointments, the best thing for me to do is to find promotions that give clear guidelines of who is eligible.
Of course surprises are great, but a surprise of not receiving a bonus is, well, not really a good surprise...

I did some searches on recent promotions that look interesting, as well as have clear guide lines.

Everest Casino
"Weekend Bonus Blast"
From February 1st, for 8 weeks, when you make a deposit on a weekend, you can get a 50% in bonuses for every deposit you make of up to $200. For example, if you deposit $200, you will get 50% of that, meaning $100 extra in bonus credits! Not bad!

"Casino Race"
On the 5th day of every month, play any of the 888Casino games and whoever gets the most comp points wins prizes! To qualify, you need to make a deposit of at least 100USD during the event hours. The prizes are as below:
* Highest comp point accumulator = Wins 1,500 USD bonus
* 2nd -3rd = Wins 750 USD bonus
* 4th -5th = Wins 500 USD bonus
* 6th -30th = Wins 120 USD bonus
* 31st -130th = Wins 50 USD bonus
* 131st -250th = Wins 25 USD bonus
Wow!! This is really nice!! Top prize of $1,500 in bonuses!! I bet you have to play a whole lot to get that though, but prizes are given to 250 players!

32Red casino
Every week, 32Red Casino gives away 1,000 free casino chips randomly to 5 players that have played for real money on Thursday. If you play for real money on Thursday, you are automatically eligible for the drawing that takes place on the next day.
Nice and easy!

It's good to know these things before you start playing so that you can take advantage of the bonus opportunities.

I think I will take advantage of the 32 Red offer next time I play!

2011/02/24 07:00 AM

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