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"Big Bucks Bonus" Promotion on Carnival Casino

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Wow, it has been a long time since an update on my blog here...
I hope everyone has been enjoying their playing time online.

I had been away from my playing for some time now due to a really busy schedule at work...
Fortunately the wave of busy days has passed, and now, it is time for me to get all of that frustration out!!!! haha

Today, I am going to check out some promotions and see what extra's I can get.

It's always a good idea to check the official website for the latest in promotions and other goodies.

Today's choice is Carnival Casino.


Here is their "Promotions Calendar" for February.

Today, they have the "Big Bucks Bonus".
Here is what it says


Hmm... Not much info...
But sounds like I might get some goodies for playing.
Can't complain about that :P

Let us play some good ole three hand blackjack then.


Not bad, I was on a losing streak, but made back my losses...
Now onto some Video Poker.
The 50 line Jacks or Better allows me to play with 50 hands at once!


This is quite a fun game!
But, in the end, I have lost a bit.

Now lastly some slots.
Man, I am jumping around games today...
Must be my frustration taking the best of me. haha


One of my favorite slot games, "Queen of the Pyramids".
The bonus game on this slot is so cool looking!

Well, I guess having not played for a while did not give me "beginner's luck" again. haha

I played through a quite a bit of my credits...
Well, let's see what happens tomorrow, with the "Big Bucks Bonus" promotion.

Hopefully I can report to you what they mean by "something grand" :)

2011/02/16 11:22 AM

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