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Sic Bo on Carnival Casino

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I just ordered my Christmas present, playstation3! woohoo!
Now, I wonder if I can win the same amount of money on the casinos.

I'm gonna try a new game today.
Sic Bo.


This is a game where three dice are rolled, and you need to try to guess the outcome.
For example, you can choose what the number will be for two of the dice, or the total sum of the three dice.
The payout changes according to the difficulty of predicting the outcome.
It is similar to roulette, but with dice.

For example, on this bet:


I bet on that two of the dice will be these combinations:
1and3, 1and6, or 3and6.
Also, I bet that there will be two 4's.
And, I bet that these will be a 5 in one of the dice.

The outcome iiiiiis...


1, 6, and 3

That means, I won on the on my prediction for 1and3, AND on the 1and6, AND on 3and6!
I bet a total of $5, and won a total of $18!!!!

Nice, I am winning on most of my bets!

I really want to ge a win on the double dice (two of the same numbers), because that has a high payout.

As in roulette, you can see the history of past outcomes on the top left corner.


Okay, I will play a bit more and see if I can end with a win!


Cool, I will end with this play and a slight win overall!

Sic Bo is an interesting game, easy to understand, and easy to win!
It will be interesting to try to find various strategies for this game.

2010/12/14 10:05 PM

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