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December 2010 Experience Reports

  • 12/03… Back at Jurassic Cashchuckie
    I just can't stop playing this game... haha "Jurassic Cash" on Imperial Casino. It must be my favorite game for quite a while now. Whoohoo! Free spins on my third spin! I wonder why I like this game so much......

  • 12/07… Blackjack Surrender on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Playing Blackjack Surrender on Carnival Casino. I wonder if I have played this before... I really like the "surrender" feature on blackjack games. If you have bad hands, you can cancel your hand and get half of your bet back....

  • 12/11… Christmas Offers!chuckie
    How is everyone doing? Christmas is just around the corner. What is everyone doing for the holidays? I am looking to buy the long awaited Playstation3! Both my wife and I love to play games, and we thought something that...

  • 12/14… Sic Bo on Carnival Casinochuckie
    I just ordered my Christmas present, playstation3! woohoo! Now, I wonder if I can win the same amount of money on the casinos. I'm gonna try a new game today. Sic Bo. This is a game where three dice are...

  • 12/18… Queen of Pyramids on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Some slots on the weekend :) Queen of Pyramids on the Playtech software is a good game. There is a jackpot, and also many features like free spins. Like here, I won 4 free spins, and got $16.50 out of...

  • 12/20… Pinball on Imperial Casinochuckie
    Let's try another new slot game! PINBALL on Imperial Casino has been on my mind for quite a bit now, but I have not had the chance to play it. I wonder what the bonus game looks like. I hope...

  • 12/25… Solitaire on Imperial Casinochuckie
    Let's try Solitaire! This is the simple game that everyone knows. The rules for playing is a bit different than just simply bet and win. You place a bet to play the game, and you get wins per card that...


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