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Blackjack Surrender on Carnival Casino

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Playing Blackjack Surrender on Carnival Casino.
I wonder if I have played this before...


I really like the "surrender" feature on blackjack games.
If you have bad hands, you can cancel your hand and get half of your bet back.
Better to admit the loss, than risk losing the entire bet.

I'm off to a good start with some nice cards!


So here is a scene where surrendering is good.


The dealer has 11, so he has a really good chance of getting something good on the second card.
My hand on the right is a 14, which is really bad because the dealer has very low chance of busting, and at the same time I have a big chance of busting if I draw another card.
I will surrender here.


Oops, turns out the dealer busted. haha
Well well, it was better to surrender than to take the risk.
And besides, I won on my other two hands :)

I am on a slight losing streak now.


Wow, the dealer is getting some massively good cards...
And me crappy ones...

I will change games.

Playing some Baccarat.


Hmm, I don't really like the normal Baccarat game for Playtech software.
Carnival Casino uses the software maker, Playtech's software.
First, the cards are dealt so fast so there is no real excitement of anticipation of what the next card drawn will be.

Also, the history of past plays look like this:


So, you can't really see at a glance if the latest wins were on the Player or Banker.
Also, this history table does not automatically refresh itself, so you need to close it and open it up again everytime you want to see latest results...

I wonder why it is like this, when Playtech's live dealer blackjack game is much better with more excitement and useful interface.
I guess they went into much more effort to perfect the live version than this one.

Well, I made back what I lost at blackjack so I can't complain too much I guess. haha

I guess if you like really quick plays and don't care too much about the past results on baccarat, then this game is the one for your, instead of the live dealer version.

2010/12/07 11:51 PM

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