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Back at Jurassic Cash

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I just can't stop playing this game... haha
"Jurassic Cash" on Imperial Casino.
It must be my favorite game for quite a while now.

Whoohoo! Free spins on my third spin!


I wonder why I like this game so much...
Probably because I can play with low denominations and still have a chance to win it BIG on the jackpot.

In this game, even if you play with low denominations, you still get to win a percentage of the jackpot.
So I am playing with only $1.05 per spin, but I get to aim for 5% of the jackpot, which currently amounts to as high as $45,000!!!!!!
Just think about that excitement!

I think also the big hooking factor in this game is the pretty big payouts that frequently happen during the game.
I mean, I have won $40-50 dollars more than a couple of times while playing.
Overall, I only end up winning a small bit in the end, but the more chances to spin I have, the more chances I have at the jackpot!

You see!!
Just when I wrote this, I won this:


A big win of $36!
Man, I love this game. haha

Hmm, I have written about this slot game so many times before, it is hard to come up with new stuff to write about...
It is just as exciting to play every time though, believe me. haha
Well, I guess you can see that already.

Actually, one thing about this game that I surprisingly found to be a good thing, is the fact that there are no bonus games.
Just free spins.
When I play new games, I always look for the bonus game, because the graphics of a bonus game are usually pretty good, and the rules are interesting.
But, sometimes bonus games take a long time to finish...
So unless the bonus game pays out a really big payout, it is kind of time consuming to wait for the outcome.

Free spins on the other hand are nice because you just sit back and watch the
reels spin, and your winnings just keep accumulating.

Besides, I can't expect too much in terms of graphics for a bonus game on this slot game.
I don't mean to be strict, but the dinosaurs aren't the most realistic 3D graphics I have seen. haha
I guess you can't have everything!

Whoops, even though I have been talking about big payouts, I am on a huge losing streak. haha
Let's see if I can get one more big win before I stop.

I guess not...
I had a rush of free spins and made back some of my money but no big wins to recover for my entire losses.

Buuuut, this does not stop me from going for that jackpot on another day :)
Hope for the best in your playing!


2010/12/03 11:44 PM

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