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X-MEN action at Zipang

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Hi Fellas...

I didn't end with much last time in my Zipang account... but a few spins on another Marvel Slot could change that quickly... But no guarantees right, it didn't end that well with the punisher if you remember???


You have to admit that the graphics simply are fantastic... I hope that the game itself is as well made as this opening "line up"


Wow this slot is really in my taste... graphics wise... all other things about it is just confusing.... the villains mode, hero mode... patterns shaped as X for bonus winnings.... hum... I will not think so much and just spin to win...


OOouch that strategy doesn't seem to work... I'm getting my ass whopped by this slot...


What's up...??? there is no super heroish with winning $0.5 on a $2.5 bet is it...??


I have a feeling that this slot will be killing me quickly today... what to do... play it out or find another game....??? hum I will just stick to the plan... give it a go and see if it brings me any luck...


No luck... still going down...


.... and further down....


Nice a little win... but will this be a trend breaker or am I hopelessly lost today...??


A picture says more than a thousand words... I'm beaten, beaten, beaten... the Marvel Villains opened up a can of whoop-ass on me and cleaned my balance... I got to go home and set up another strategy for how to win these battles against the house....

If anyone could give me a few pointers, tricks or strategies then it would be a lot easier for me to succeed with my quest to break the bank...!!!

All the luck to us all....!

2010/11/20 07:07 PM

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