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White felt baccarat at Zipang....

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Today I will be back at the baccarat table... just the normal baccarat though... that progressive stuff wasn't my cup of tea!!

I have such a tiny balance so there won't be any heated betting action, today my goal is just to play a few hands, and leave the table with more than I sat down with..... let see how it goes...


Well starting off according to plan... always good for the confidence to start the day with a win instead of a loss... right?!!


two in a row... sweet!! I wonder how long winning streak I can pull off... a few hands would do wonder for my balance....


Shouldn't have said that... i jinxed it guys....


Natural 9... he he now we might get some juice back into the game... and into my balance as well of course... he he he


Playing with such a tiny balance that I do really prevent any more stake filled game, but every little win contribute to the greater good... MY BANK BOOK... ha ha ha


Slowly, slowly improving the balance... but it would be a great exaggeration to say that I could live happily ever after on these tiny winnings....


Darn... a dirty draw... I might have to make a move for the obscure game section again... traditional baccarat seem to prevent me from loosing... but it ain't bringing home the bacon either....


Huuummm happy for the win, but in this pace I will be retired before my balance is something to brag about...

I will do the sensible thing and call this session to an end... at least I am over $20 bucks... I'll save this for a slot session later in the week....

Best of luck to ya'll!

2010/11/14 06:47 PM

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