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Vegas Blackjack on Imperial Casino

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Whoo hoo!
I am going to Hong Kong for work from tomorrow!
Why am I so happy??
Because I am also going to Macau with my boss, for a couple days of casino fun!

So today, I will do some preparations!
In Macau, I am planning to play blackjack.

The Macau blackjack has a rule that I noticed was not in the blackjack games I played previously online.
In blackjack at Macau, you can do what is called a "Surrender", which is where you can give up after looking at your first dealt two cards and have half of your bet returned.
This is very useful when you have very bad cards like a "13" when the dealer has good cards such as face cards or an ace.

After looking around, I found a blackjack game online that has a "Surrender" feature!
"Vegas Blackjack"


As you can see, you can "Surrender".
But there is a rule "Dealer Hits on Soft 17", which is not the rules in Macau, but oh well...

Let's start.

For example, in this situation, I will choose to surrender.


The dealer has a "Q", which means the dealer has a good chance of getting high cards.
While in my second hand, I have a total of "5", which means I have a high chance of getting a "15".
At 15, if I draw one more card, I have high chance of busting, but if I stay, then there is a high chance the dealer will have higher cards than me.
So, it is wiser to surrender and keep half of my bet.


So, here is the result.
The dealer did get good cards as I suspected...
It was good that I surrendered at least one of my hands.

Wow, the dealer is getting some really good cards...
The dealer has not busted on any of the hands I expect him to bust on...

Well, let's keep going.
I want to end up with a win, before going to Macau and bring the winning luck with me!

Okay, finally the dealer busts.


But he busted when I didn't expect him to...
Well well, let's see if the luck turns around.

Wow, now I am on a roll!
Look at these hands.


Maybe not... haha
The dealer continues to get incredible hands, like this one.


Man I hope this is not what will happen in Macau...
Maybe I am saving my luck for my trip :)
Well, I am heading out early tomorrow morning, so I will stop after playing a few more hands.

Good night everyone!

2010/11/28 12:26 AM

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