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Three Hand Blackjack on Carnival Casino

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Too much slot games recently... haha
After my big plays on Jurassic Cash, I have been going on the slots FOREVER...

But, I am not having too much luck on it, so I decided to relax a bit by playing some Blackjack.


You can't expect big wins like you get on slots, but you can slowly build up your money on blackjack.
On slots, you win big, but when you get into a losing streak, you keep losing continuously.
It's like a roller coaster ride.

I will set a goal this time.
I only have $71 in my Carnival Casino account, so my goal is to at least double that by the end of the day today.

I always bet the same amount on every hand, but this time, I will try to increase my bets when I feel I will win.

So, I spread out my bets, according to the hand that was winning the most.
And I was right to do so!


I won a Blackjack on the hand that I bet the most on!

And a nice win of $22.50 on this play.


I "doubled" on my had that I bet $5 on, and won!
A "double" is where, after you have been dealt your first two cards, you can double your bet amount, and choose to draw only one card.
This means, you can win double the amount of your bet, but also you can lose double your bet as well.

So in this play,


I am going to double on my last hand.
This is because, even if I draw a card that is counted as "10", I cannot bust, and the dealer has a "6", which means the dealer is more likely to bust (because there are more cards in the deck that are counted as "10" than others... so if he draws two cards worth 10, then he will bust).


WOW, and just like I planned!
I win!
A win of $28!!!!!!



The dealer is busting when I want him to, which is really important in winning.
Slowly crawling to my goal, I am up to $92 now.



I was on a losing streak, where the dealer made good hands on hands where I wanted him to bust...
But, I made it all back with this play, and am back in the plus at $99!

Awesome first hands!!!!


I won $13.50 on that play, and am up to $111 now.

I'm grinding my way up now...
At $128...


Almost there!




This way of playing blackjack is great!

What a good way to start my weekend. hehe

Have a great weekend to all!

2010/11/05 11:41 PM

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