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Live Baccarat on Carnival Casino

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Macau was really fun!
There are so many places you can visit now.

We went to the Sands Casino and the Venetian.



I want to visit the City of Dreams, which was built very recently, but I did not have the time to go.

City of Dreams

There are many entertainment events on top of casinos that you can enjoy as well, such as circus shows and dance shows.
Sands Casino just opened up a Playboy floor with dance shows, which I obviously really wanted to visit, but I did not get the chance to...

So, how did I do in the casino??

I first played on blackjack and did so so.
I think I ended up with just about the same amount as I started.

Then, I went on to the baccarat table, which surprisingly was very very fun!
I tried to follow the guy with the biggest luck, and did very well.

I went as high as triple my money, but went on a big losing streak to lose all of my winnings. haha
So, I ended up with what I started with. haha

But the atmosphere was very exciting, and I discovered the fun of playing on baccarat.

So, today, I thought I would play the baccarat live dealer game, where I can experience the same kind of excitement as playing with other players.


So here are the tables that are available.


And here I am playing with three other players.
Not very aggressive though.
Many people are not betting all rounds.

Nice, I am doing well.


It's fun to see what other players are betting on.
Okay, will do about 15 hands to see where I go!

After 6 hands, doing very well, with some consecutive wins.
I am up by about $40!

Oops, now I am on a losing streak...

But I made it back with this play.


Four more hands to go.


Whoo hoo!
A win on my last play!


But, I ended up with a win of just $26. haha
Baccarat is really fun though!

2010/11/28 07:03 PM

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