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November 2010 Experience Reports

  • 11/05… Games I never would have thought to gamle on....Calle
    Hello fellow Rock, Paper, Scissors enthusiasts... Ha ha ha I can't help smiling... after downloading Zipang Casino and flicking around in the obscure games section, I found a good ol' favorite "kids duel" game... Rock, Paper, Scissors... ha ha ha...

  • 11/05… Three Hand Blackjack on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Too much slot games recently... haha After my big plays on Jurassic Cash, I have been going on the slots FOREVER... But, I am not having too much luck on it, so I decided to relax a bit by playing...

  • 11/09… Punished by the Punisher SlotCalle
    Hola Marvel Fans... Another slot in the new portfolio of Playtech are a bunch of Marvel slots... today my eye fell on The Punisher... also this game takes me down memory lane... I really like this exploration that I am...

  • 11/09… Blackjack on Inter Casinochuckie
    Of the little money I have left on my Inter Casino account, about$30, I will try to make something out of it, or basically lose it all trying. Let's set my goal to triple the starting balance. I had some...

  • 11/13… Cinerama on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Just enjoying some slots while watching youtube. haha The good thing about the slots on Playtech software (as used on Carnival Casino), is that you have the "Autoplay" featurea where the game will automatically keep spinning, according to the rule...

  • 11/14… European Roulette on Carnival Casinochuckie
    I want to try to play something different today. Will try some roulette! I never really play too much, due to that I can't really figure out the right strategy... But let's try again today. I am playing on the...

  • 11/14… White felt baccarat at Zipang....Calle
    Amigos... Today I will be back at the baccarat table... just the normal baccarat though... that progressive stuff wasn't my cup of tea!! I have such a tiny balance so there won't be any heated betting action, today my goal...

  • 11/19… Slots again on Imperial Casinochuckie
    Back on the slots again :) I don't know why but the slot games on the Everest software, such as on Imperial Casino, is really nice. The wins feel really nice, and there are lots of slots to choose from....

  • 11/20… X-MEN action at ZipangCalle
    Hi Fellas... I didn't end with much last time in my Zipang account... but a few spins on another Marvel Slot could change that quickly... But no guarantees right, it didn't end that well with the punisher if you remember???...

  • 11/28… Vegas Blackjack on Imperial Casinochuckie
    Whoo hoo! I am going to Hong Kong for work from tomorrow! Why am I so happy?? Because I am also going to Macau with my boss, for a couple days of casino fun! So today, I will do some...

  • 11/28… Live Baccarat on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Macau was really fun! There are so many places you can visit now. We went to the Sands Casino and the Venetian. Sands Venetian I want to visit the City of Dreams, which was built very recently, but I did...


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