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Games I never would have thought to gamle on....

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Hello fellow Rock, Paper, Scissors enthusiasts...

Ha ha ha I can't help smiling... after downloading Zipang Casino and flicking around in the obscure games section, I found a good ol' favorite "kids duel" game... Rock, Paper, Scissors... ha ha ha I had no idea that this even could be set as a play for money game...


Last time I played Rock, Paper, Scissors was probably two decades ago... This will be fun to play for money... I will jump straight into the sandpit ... oppps action I mean... winning $1.9 on a $1 bet does not really spark any action... but hey wait a minute... it's possible to bet on winning streaks as well... win two in a row and the return on the $1 bet is $8.69.... Say no more... let's get ready to rumble...


SWEEEEET I nailed the first winning streak... he he he an unorthodox casino game that's for sure... but who cares... I seem to have a talent for Rock, Paper, Scissors... ha ha ha!!


OR NOT... It was too good to be true... of course would that other "hand" beat me....


And again... paper win over my hard rock...!


Now I got the first win... scissors over paper... he he he one more to complete the 2 time winning streak... but what shall I choose to show... scissors again??? Nahhh I will go for paper... got a hunch that the other "hand" will go for rock...!!


Yaahhoooyyy NAILED it again.... ha ha ha this game is actually rather entertaining... but not a game I will get rich from... ha ha


OOoppps that scissor did devastating damage to my little paper...!!


Huuum I probably have gotten unsynced with the other "hand" this seem to turn into my normal non-winning streak guys... but a few more hands just for the fun of it...


Ohhh no.... here we go again... my paper fits like a glove on his rock... he he he


Nooooooo I rock bumps rock...

I take that as a sign to end my career in Rock, Paper, Scissors... but guys you should try this out... it is a fun killing time game... and actually lots of fun... it's like re-living the sandpit fights but spiced up with gambling action to it...


2010/11/05 06:03 PM

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