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Cinerama on Carnival Casino

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Just enjoying some slots while watching youtube. haha


The good thing about the slots on Playtech software (as used on Carnival Casino), is that you have the "Autoplay" featurea where the game will automatically keep spinning, according to the rule sets you can put on it.

You can set it so that it stops on big wins so that you don't miss it!
Like on this spin:


Also, the game will stop on all bonus games.
I have played this game sooooooooo many times now, but have not really landed on a big win yet...

Come ooooooooooooon JACKPOT!

Not much movement on the game today...
I am going back and forth on low wins and losses.

It is a nice game even though I don't get big wins, because I don't lose much either.
That means, I get to spin many times, which means, more chances for a jackpot!!!!
I have already played over 300 spins today :)

I won only a little bit over all but that's it...

Gotta try again.

2010/11/13 10:24 AM

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