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Triple Double Bonus Video Poker again on Imperial Casino

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On my mission to get a four-of-a-kind again. haha
If you read my last entry, I was playing on "Triple Double Bonus Video Poker" where I can win big with four-of-a-kind hand.

But unfortunately I didn't get one.
No wonder, it is a pretty hard hand to get...
So I am on a mission to get one :)

Here is a chance like last time!
A three-of-a-kind on my first dealt cards!
I just need one more 7!


Ah you bastard!


I wonder what the probability of me getting a 7 was...
Let's see, the deck has 52 cards, of which 5 cards are dealt.
There is only one 7 left in the deck, so the probability is 1 card out of 47 cards left.
That is about 2.1% in terms of probability.
Now I see how difficult it is to get a four-of-a-kind, even when I already have three-of-a-kind...

Well, this does not stop my mission!

This is a good win!


I made the straight here, but basically, I needed a 7 to win the straight.
Since there are four 7's left in the deck, my probability of winning that was 8.5%.

On the otherhand, on this chance to win a straight:


I can win the straight on a 3 or an 8.
Which means I have 8 cards in the deck that can give me a straight.
This makes the probability 17%.

Let's see if I get it!


Ah bummer...
Well, I guess probability isn't everything.

Here is a chance for four-of-a-kind!
Again on three 7's!
Is this a lucky sign?


Let's see....




Wow, it is harder than it seems...

But wait.....


I just had a feeling I would get it today!
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I feel better. haha

This was a "Four of a Kind (2-4) + (5-K)" which pays out 160 times my bet amount.
But depending on the type of four-of-a-kind, I could have won a lot more!

Well, I will sleep much better tonight that's for sure. hehe
Have a good night everyone!

2010/10/05 10:47 PM

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