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Roulette in da Wild Jungle…

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My fellow gaming enthusiasts…

I found a real treasure in the wild jungle…. $30 bucks FREE just to sign up… that is a wickedly generous bonus. Just what I needed now when I’ve been on the losing streak such a long time… I’M A HAPPY PUPPY…!

I will try out the roulette… no need to say which I presume since the French Roulette has better odds than any of the other versions…


I really like the Playtech graphics and game feel… and the roulette is no exception… wonder how the heck I should ensure to win though???
I choose to play low denominations $0.1 and up… just to try out the table I started with $0.2 on red…


Hummm 20 black, and buuhuuu for me… I wonder what strategy that suit me best… a balance of $30 bucks doesn’t really give that much option… need to find a winning method with what I got… if that is at all possible???


Cover up a main number and some connecting numbers should be a good way I think… no real strategy to that but more like a lottery… hum isn’t that what roulette is all about though???


Well I haven’t found a winning combo yet… and this passé bet didn’t work either…


But back to lucky 30… he he … $10.80 win not shabby at all… unfortunately was my cover not centered on 30, but 32 so…. But what the heck no point crying over spilled milk…


Another $0.50 on the numbers 1-18 Manque …. OOooopss … not my cup of tea these pre-set multiple number bets…

What if…. I cover my lucky number 13 and hedge with the Mangue bet???


Ha ha ha NOPE didn’t bring me any luck nor improved balance….


Okey back to play a cover on 32 red… he he the system play is not more than $1 …. and I feel that it is a lucky play….


Yeah…. $1 bet giving me a $14.40 win… not too shabby at all… I better put an end to this session here after recovering the balance and a tad more…

2010/10/04 09:44 AM

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