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Random Games on Carnival Casino

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Lucky Blackjack...


In this game, you don't play blackjack, per say, but you bet on what the outcome of the dealer will be.
So, in blackjack, the dealer can get anything from 17-21 or bust.

Let's try 18, and see what I get.




I won on my first try!
Cool, I win 7 times what I bet too!

Seems like a hard game to win at, but very simple.
Let's see how I do after 30 turns.

Okay, I bet $1 on each bet, and after 30 plays...
I am up!
by about $6.

There was a mad rush of 17's, so decided to only bet on 17. haha
And, sure enough, I won.
I guess it's like baccarat, where you need to try to read the flow.

Next game is...
Blackjack Scratch Cards!


Here, you are dealt three hands, and the dealer one hand.
If the value of your hands are higher than the dealer, you win.
Unlike the normal blackjack, you don't get dealt any more cards than your first two cards.
So you just sit back and watch it go, for it has an automatic play feature to play many hands in a row automatically.

First your cards are scratched open.


I guess the number below the cards are the amount you can win, if you win with this hand...
But, I am not sure how the calculation works here...


This is what it looks like when I win.
Sometimes the winning amount is shown to be like $200 or even $1k!

Man I sure want those big wins!!

Let's see how it goes.

Well well, winning is not easy...
The only big wins I got were $1...

This is no fun.
I liked Lucky Blackjack much much better.
Bigger wins, and easier to understand the rules.

2010/10/25 08:32 PM

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