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Jurassic Cash on Imperial Casino

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Man, I am on a roll!
I got 12 free spins on my first spin!


I am playing on a simple slot game called "Jurassic Cash" on Imperial Casino.
With only betting $2.10 per spin, I won $12.60 on the free spins, then another big win of $15.60 right after that!


What is my aim?
Of course the jackpot!
It seems, even by only betting this amount, I can still win 10% of the jackpot, whichis still worth around $90,000.


Let's see how we go!
I really wanna get a biiiiiiig jackpot some day!
Of course everyone does, but I have always only read about the big winners...
I wonder what the first thing that goes through a person's mind when they hit the jackpot...

It might be so sudden that I might just pass through the spin and not even know what is going on...
But then again, there must be a HUGE animation that plays if you get the jackpot or a BIG BIG win...

Hey, 25 free spins!!!!!


Today IS my lucky day!
ANDDDDDDDD, after the 25 spins, I won 678 bets!


Which is worth $67.80, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't stop now, I am on a roll!

I know I know, good things don't last forever...
I am back down to where I started now, on a losing streak...
It is such an importance to know when to stop.

But well, I really want that jackpot...
I will keep playing until I get something BIG, or I lose down to $100.

Cool, 15 free spins!


Not bad, $12.90!
The free spins really rakes in the wins!


And, 15 more free spins right before I went down $100 :)
Another big win of $20.70 in total.


Still looking for a bigger win though.
Let's keep going...

Man, I am on some sort of a roll, I won another 15 free spins again!
But, this was a lousy set of free spins, I only won $6.60...

And, I'm finished...
No jackpot today my friends.

Still not giving up though.
I will try another day.

2010/10/30 05:54 PM

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