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October 2010 Experience Reports

  • 10/01… Going Mobile at 32red again….Calle
    Hi there fellow mobile gaming enthusiasts… I’ve decided to give the mobile games at 32red again, but this time I will try the Jacks Or Better to see if a change of games can bring me some fortune… Wow this...

  • 10/01… Triple Double Bonus Video Poker on Imperial Casinochuckie
    Hello everyone, I hope you are well and not in the hospital like me :) I am in need of being hospitalized for the next week! It sounds serious, but it's really silly... I have to get two of my...

  • 10/04… Roulette in da Wild Jungle…Calle
    My fellow gaming enthusiasts… I found a real treasure in the wild jungle…. $30 bucks FREE just to sign up… that is a wickedly generous bonus. Just what I needed now when I’ve been on the losing streak such a...

  • 10/05… Triple Double Bonus Video Poker again on Imperial Casinochuckie
    On my mission to get a four-of-a-kind again. haha If you read my last entry, I was playing on "Triple Double Bonus Video Poker" where I can win big with four-of-a-kind hand. But unfortunately I didn't get one. No wonder,...

  • 10/08… Multi-line Jacks Or Better in the wild wild Jungle…!Calle
    Hi there fellow card sharks...! Today I'm planning to have a go at the multi-line Jacks Or Better at Wild Jungle Casino. I'm not a big fan of Video Poker but on the other hand I wasn't really comfortable in...

  • 10/09… Video Blackjack on Inter Casinochuckie
    Hey I found a cool game! Video Blackjack! I had never heard of such a game before, have you? "So, what is the big difference from the normal blackjack?" Was my first comment. But it looks to be really interesting....

  • 10/11… 10-Line Jack or Better on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Working on the machines again. Got hooked on the machine games from last time with the video blackjack. Today, I am on the video poker game in Carnival Casino, that allows me to bet on 10 hands at the same...

  • 10/14… Quick play on Imperial Casino's Blackjackchuckie
    A quick play during lunch time! Too much video poker recently... I think I will relax by playing on the normal Blackjack game. Imperial Casino's Blackjack is a good choice for just simple playing. Good hands! The dealer does well,...

  • 10/17… Yabadabadoo! on Inter Casinochuckie
    "Dino Delight" on Inter Casino. Man that guy in the back looks familiar... haha Whoever knows the cartoon knows what I am talking about! This is soooooo close to what it is, but yet so far away. hehe I don't...

  • 10/21… Live Baccarat on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Gotta try something new once in a while. Now, I have not played Baccarat so much, but I think I will give it a try today. I am going to play on a live dealer version of the game. You...

  • 10/23… A sad day for Calle… NEVER FORGET TO READ THE BONUS REQUIREMENTS!Calle
    Snyffle snyffle fellow gaming enthusiasts! Today is a sad day and a very very short diary entry… BUT VERY VERY IMPORTANT…. My glory run at Crazy Vegas Casino a week and a day ago… that resulted in a $200 bonus...

  • 10/25… Random Games on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Lucky Blackjack... Interesting. In this game, you don't play blackjack, per say, but you bet on what the outcome of the dealer will be. So, in blackjack, the dealer can get anything from 17-21 or bust. Let's try 18, and...

  • 10/27… Progressive Baccarat.... something for me??Calle
    Hi there fellow gaming enthusiasts... Since my SAD SAD discovery of missing the bonus at Crazy Vegas Casino, and in addition taken into account the poor luck I've had I have decided to find a few other casinos and games...

  • 10/30… Jurassic Cash on Imperial Casinochuckie
    Man, I am on a roll! I got 12 free spins on my first spin! I am playing on a simple slot game called "Jurassic Cash" on Imperial Casino. With only betting $2.10 per spin, I won $12.60 on the...

  • 10/31… Back at Jurassic Cash on Imperial Casinochuckie
    I am so hooked on this game now... Just look how big the jackpot is!!!! Over 900,000US dollars!!!!! And even if I bet $2.10 per spin, I am still eligible to win 10% of the jackpot, which is still 90,000US...

  • 10/31… Going Bananas... on banana monkeyCalle
    Fellow gaming pioneers... Playtech has added a new series of slots that I must say look really interesting and fun... but the BIG question is... WILL I WIN?? ha ha ha... Going over the new slots my interest get stuck...


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