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Going Mobile at 32red again….

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Hi there fellow mobile gaming enthusiasts… I’ve decided to give the mobile games at 32red again, but this time I will try the Jacks Or Better to see if a change of games can bring me some fortune…


Wow this Jacks Or Better is either a lot more graphically intense or I really got off on a bad start today….


TIMEOUT…. Well that’s not really the start I was hoping for…
Getting over the road bump to glory… and head for the payout table..


Hum... I'm not really sure if this is a good setting, normal or totally bananas payout table... but I think I better play this at a lower stake than $5...


Stake set at 1.25 by betting 5 $0.25 coins... hum a hole in that 8 to Q straight... something to go for??? It would pay 20 x $1.25 I presume...

That didn't work at all...


Better luck only holding a K maybe?? If I'm not mistaken that would mean x5 of the stake... how hard can it be to get another K... 3/47 I guess...


ha ha I'm cursed with one from straight today or what is this telling me....??


With these cards dealt I guess I won't be eligible for another "one off" straight... ?? I better replace the whole hand...


Woooha three of a kind... three sweet little 5's... but wait a minute... didn't I have a hopless little lonely 5 on the dealt hand??
Yeah I did, but who could have known that holding a single 5 would have been the way to go...?


Wait a minute... my dream payout isn't calculated the way I thought at all... the x15 is not on the stake but the coin setting... so I only end up with a tiny little win of $3.75... That's a BIG turn off... it will be a lot harder to bring home the bacon with that payout, that's for sure...!!


And another FREEZE... that's the straw that broke the camel's back... I'm taking this as a sign that today this session is better to end now...

I'll wait for another sunny and bright day to try my luck...!

2010/10/01 05:05 AM

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