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Back at Jurassic Cash on Imperial Casino

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I am so hooked on this game now...


Just look how big the jackpot is!!!!
Over 900,000US dollars!!!!!

And even if I bet $2.10 per spin, I am still eligible to win 10% of the jackpot, which is still 90,000US dollars!!!!!!

Man, I can't wait to get that jackpot. haha

I just won $59.70!!!!!!
I didn't even notice, and went on to my next spin...
Shoot, I should have gotten a screenshot of that, so that I can show off... haha
Well, here is the screenshot of the payout history thing that is on the bottom of the screen.


I wish they had some sort of fireworks or something when I get big wins, so it is easier to notice...
Maybe this is not so big a win, according to this game...
but over $50, when betting $2.10 is HUGE, don't you think??

This time, I captured the winning moment!!!!!!


$86.10 dollars!!!!!
Freakin awesome!!!!

I am on a roll today!
I think I will play a little bit more.

The weird thing is, I have won so much on this game today, but have not gotten any free spins so far...
But either way, I seem to have a good experience with this slot game every time.

The only thing I can think of that this game lacks is an automatic spin feature.
I have to push the spin button every time, which is sometime a pain...
Can't complain though, when it is allowing me to win :)

I finally got some free spins, but I am winning nothing on them...
Only $6.90 in total...

And more free spins...
but from the looks of it, I won a lot lot more!!!!!





I just can't seem to stop winning!

I must be doing something right in life :)

AND AND AND AND, another BIG WIN on my free spins!!!!


$53.70 in TOTAL!
What is going on today...
When and where should I stop?? haha
I have doubled my bank roll, but I don't want to stop when I am in a streak like this...

Okay, let's think positive, let's continue for a bit more.
Uh oh, I feel a losing streak coming on...
I have burned through $40 without any big wins..
I will stop here then, but still with a big plus!

2010/10/31 03:22 PM

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