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10-Line Jack or Better on Carnival Casino

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Working on the machines again.
Got hooked on the machine games from last time with the video blackjack.

Today, I am on the video poker game in Carnival Casino, that allows me to bet on 10 hands at the same time.


I'm doing so-so, I have been playing for a bit now and have broken even after a bit of a losing streak.

This is a nice play, I won on all hands!


My aim for the day is to win a full house!
Wow, my chance of the day:


Man, three of a kind already on the first dealt cards!


How can I not get one with TEN HANDS!!!! argg...
Well, on with the mission.

I had one more similar chance, but got all three-of-a-kinds AGAIN! buuhuu...

Maaannnn, I'm on a losing streak now...
Let's see if I can get out of it fast!

Here is my next big chance!!!!


A two pair on the first cards.
That means I only need to get a 4 or a K to get full house!
I am on a bad losing streak, so i reaaaaaaaaaaaaally need this!

Here we go!


NO WAY!!!!
I didn't get one...
Okay, I will double-up twice here, and if I don't win it, I will stop here before I go too far.


There is my first double up!


The second card I had to beat to get the double up was an Ace...
That just really bad luck (since Ace is the strongest card).

Okay, I know I can't win today...
I hope for better luck for you guys!

2010/10/11 11:25 PM

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