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Wall St Fever on Carnival Casino

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Another day of aiming for the big jackpot!
The jackpot for Wall St Fever at Carnival Casino has risen to $143,367!


What would you do with that much money?
I always have a plan in mind of if I win a jackpot. haha

1. Save up half of the money for a rainy day
2. Pay off all of my loans (these are not gambling loans, mind you. These are from starting up my own company. Remember, you know you are in trouble if you start borrowing money to gamble... Gambling is a leisure, so always use money that you know you will be okay even if you lose it all. Or else, it's never as fun as it could be...)
3. Go on a luxurious honeymoon with my wife that we never got to do. Probably to a nice hot-springs, with awesome fish dinner!
4. Buy some clothes. Especially shoes, because I have worn the same three pairs of shoes for the last three years. haha I never have to time to go and buy new ones...

It's always nice to dream about all of the things you can do with the jackpot cash...
Ah hot-springs...
But of course I have never won a jackpot...

But, I just won $20 in this one spin!


I won back the cash that I lost. hehe

No lucky jackpot for me today :)
I ended with a slight loss.

2010/09/05 08:41 PM

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