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32red Mega Moolah "NOT MOBILE" - for better luck..

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Hola Chicos y Chicas...!

I thought I would get back to the PC version of Mega Moolah, considering that my day so far has been paved with mishaps and downfalls it would be nice to break the trend with a Jackpot, at least in my dreams...


Starting off with only 376 coins it will be a fast and furious game play or maybe not... I'M DREAMING...!!


Ooooch never good for the confidence, nor dreams to start off loosing... but what the heck my loss only adds on to the Jackpot, right?!!

Well after a few spins I've successfully added 375 coins to the Jackpot... and up with my last spin...

Gooo baby... I don't want to end this quickly... gimme a win so I at least have a chance to continue to dream of the Jackpot.


Huuuum reels spinning and the first picture I get is that ... that... what the heck is it... an gazelle, cow... or maybe a wilde beest "gnu"....??? what ever it is I hope it is a good luck bringing animal....


YAHOOOOOOOOYA just when I needed it... 370 fresh coins to keep the Jackpot dream alive...


Hummm I seem to have a tendency to only win on the last, or close to last spin... considering how little coins I have left I'm slipping further and further away from the dream guys...


Hummm x 2... what the heck no matter what I have, gnus, zebras, lions or water buffaloes... the trend seem to be constant I can't get over 376 coins... what's up with that...??


Not even a good start of four Q's in a row ended up in anything else than a tiny bitsy small win... I'm about to stop dreaming now... but as the saying goes... hope is the last thing to leave a man...!!


I wish that was my winning map... but unfortunately it only shows the lines I can bet on for my last 115 coin spin... so here it goes... ALL OR NOTHING!!!



NOTHING of course!!! Better luck to you Compadres...!

2010/09/28 06:49 AM

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