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September 2010 Experience Reports

  • 09/01… Signing up to Casino Las Vegas and 32 Red CasinoCalle
    Fellow gaming enthusiasts, Getting signed up at the actual casinos are a lot quicker than finding yourself a quick set up of deposit methods. Normally you only have to download an installer file, that will install the most basic casino...

  • 09/03… At the tables!Calle
    Finally ready to take on the first baccarat action, it's a relief to finally have two accounts with money in them after my payment hassles. I have $62 in the 32red account and $60 in the Casino Las Vegas account...

  • 09/04… All American BVP on Inter Casinochuckie
    All American BVP is a Video Poker game on Inter Casino that I like very much. The game automatically holds cards when you have the "Auto-Hold" feature turned on, which makes it very easy to play, and you will not...

  • 09/05… Wall St Fever on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Another day of aiming for the big jackpot! The jackpot for Wall St Fever at Carnival Casino has risen to $143,367! Incredible! What would you do with that much money? I always have a plan in mind of if I...

  • 09/06… Baccarat at Casino Las Vegas to fund a life on the beachCalle
    Hi there fellow gamblers… Today I'm starting at $54 and I hope that the past sessions poor start and bad feel isn't present… knock on wood..! The game plan for today is to play a bit on the baccarat tables...

  • 09/09… Blackjack strategy play shall make me victorious, or??Calle
    Hello there fellow gaming peps…! Since I finished off the last session I have to admit… that I got a bit tippsey one evening and had a few spins at the…. Yeah you guess right the Beach Life Progressive slot…...

  • 09/09… Blackjack Again on Imperial Casinochuckie
    Man, I am hooked on Blackjack. haha Playing this time on Imperial Casino again. I wanted to play here again, because I won quite a lot last time I played here. I'm winning again, but not as much as last...

  • 09/14… Atlantis on Imperial Casinochuckie
    It seems that weekends are busier than weekdays in the summer... I get so many phone calls of barbecues, parties, or drinking and I am already filled up for the rest of the month... Well so it seems weekday nights...

  • 09/15… Blackjack 3hand – without strategy card!!Calle
    $22 bucks my friends, that is the sad balance I start with after my extremely poor attempt to become victorious using the strategy card for the single deck blackjack… so back to a play by hart and my own superstition...

  • 09/17… 3D Roulette on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Playing some roulette today. Carnival Casino has a nice one called 3D roulette. The roulette is very nice in graphics and the navigation is very simple and easy. I am not sure what this is called but the below picture...

  • 09/18… Back with the purple hair wig…!!Calle
    Fellow gaming hobbyists… sad to say but when I woke up this morning I swear that I could spot a few purple hairs when I was fixing the hair. That can’t be interpreted in any other way than that today...

  • 09/20… Slots on Inter Casinochuckie
    Playing some slots on my lunch break again :) This is a classic type of slot game with a jackpot feature... I find that it is harder to win on these kinds of slots... The wager is a bit high,...

  • 09/23… More slots on Inter Casinochuckie
    I got hooked on slots at Inter Casino. They have some really attractive games! Today, I will play "Buccaneer's Bounty", which I have been wanting to play. The graphics looks really cool! The game show various animations when you win,...

  • 09/25… Going Mobile at 32red!Calle
    Fellow gaming enthusiasts… Today I figured that I should really try something new! I’ve never played casino games on mobile so when I learned that 32red offers some of their games on the iPhone I quickly decided to give it...

  • 09/28… 32red Mega Moolah "NOT MOBILE" - for better luck..Calle
    Hola Chicos y Chicas...! I thought I would get back to the PC version of Mega Moolah, considering that my day so far has been paved with mishaps and downfalls it would be nice to break the trend with a...

  • 09/28… Deuces Wild on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Deuces Wild is a variation of a video poker game. Usually, in a normal "Jacks or Better", you can get paid out if you get anything over a pair of Jacks. In this game you cannot get paid out unless...


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