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Baccarat at Casino Las Vegas to fund a life on the beach

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Hi there fellow gamblers…
Today I'm starting at $54 and I hope that the past sessions poor start and bad feel isn't present… knock on wood..!

August 17_1.jpg

The game plan for today is to play a bit on the baccarat tables and increase my account balance to a bit over $100 bucks and then try my luck at the progressive slots…

August 17_2.jpg

So far so good… lady fortuna seem to be in sync with my plan, I'm gradually getting the small bets to build up on the balance…. Maybe I should already now have a spin or two at the Beach Life Progressive slot…?? A bold move since the max bet on all 20 lines is $10 bucks… which is 1/6 of the balance… does not really sound like a good idea… but on the other hand who said a good idea is what gives you the winning bet???

Just thinking about it, the itch in my fingers got too much to bare…. So of to the Beach Life…!!
The thing about slots is that you really don't have to think much, so I go straight to the action….

August 17_3.jpg

The reels are in motion, and I start to reconsider if it really is such a good idea to spend 1/6 of the balance for a spin on games that I rarely pay any attention to….

August 17_4.jpg

Boooomschackalack…!! The reels have stopped, I have no idea how to read the patterns and lines… but one thing I do know how to read and that is the WIN box down in the right hand corner… $20.50 bucks …. WoW I'm amazed… still without knowing how that actually happened… ha ha ha… well my grandma always said… Easy come, Easy go… so I think I better get back to the baccarat tables where I feel more at home….

August 17_5.jpg

Yeah… I'm really on a small stake roll today… that last $4 bet made me break the $80 balance…. Maybe I should hit the slots again…. ???
Naaawh I better stick to the baccarat table a bit more….

August 17_6.jpg

Going up and down a bit…. Actually more down than up… buuu huuu…. !!

August 17_7.jpg

I have a feeling that I should hit a few $10 bucks bets to see if we have the same luck at the tables that I had on the Beach Life slot….

August 17_8.jpg

Boomschackalack… that seem to be my lucky number today… $10 bucks bets here we go!!
I think it is time for game plan change… I'm heading over to the Beach Life Progressive Slot again to see if this winning streak of $10 will work out for me today….

August 17_9.jpg

OK here we are again… and I got a good feeling about this….

August 17_10.jpg

Well it can't work every time it seems like….

August 17_11.jpg

BUT THEN AGAIN…. It might just do that… NICE ICECREAM… that's $60 bucks plus down my pocket… huuum… scarry thought… I might end up liking slots… WoW just got a mental image of my self with purple hair, cigarette in my mouth, and cheap umbrella drinks… that's my image of the Las Vegas ladies hocked on slots…. Uuuhhhh nasty thought… I think I better stop before I get hocked on these devilish machines….!!

Well ending my session with more than doubling the balance… It was a good day indeed….!
Best of luck amigos!!

2010/09/06 11:07 AM

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