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Going Mobile at 32red!

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Fellow gaming enthusiasts… Today I figured that I should really try something new! I’ve never played casino games on mobile so when I learned that 32red offers some of their games on the iPhone I quickly decided to give it a swing…

The games are made by Spin3 and I was positively surprised when I accessed the games, they look really good… I had not expected such nice graphics at all actually…

There is no application download needed the games are played directly in the browser, the same login and password as for the PC version, so it couldn’t be easier really…. BUT DON’T MISS that if you make a deposit through the mobile you actually get an additional bonus… which I missed of course…

Out of the offered: BlackJack, Major Millions, Tomb Raider, Roulette, Royal Derby, Mermaids Millions, Thunderstruck, Dragons Fortune, Bingo Bonanza, MegaMoolah, and Jacks Or Better, I decided to check out the Mega Moolah progressive slot and the Black Jack.


One really cool thing is that the games can be played both “standing” and “tilted”


So let’s see how lucky these NICE games are….


The spin of the reels are almost like the PC version, although sound isn’t there at all….


A few losses was followed up with a $2 win… hummm this does not really have a good start at all… but you never know how it ends… what is it the saying goes like??? Better start sour and end up SWEET… I’m hoping the saying is right…!!


Ohhh la la… a $0.2 win on a $1.25 bet… not really my thought of SWEET…


WOW I better get out of the Mega Moolah… it feels more like a MEGA LOOSAH to me….

Over to the Black Jack table… and I’m not even considering using the strategy cards or anything like that… I will play by hart…


The Black Jack is equally good in graphic and feel as the “Mega Loosah” I just hope the outcome is a lot better ….


Weeeeeell…. I can’t complain at the start… two picture cards over the 2-8-9 of the dealer… let’s hope the loosah streak is over….


BUST… Do I need to say more….??


HUM… dealer has 10 and I ended up with three card 14… and FREEZE…


Well now that is really a turn off the game has totally frozen… hum I wonder how this will turn out, will the game actually go on and I get the result whenever it is unfrozen or???


Tilting, standing, Tilting, standing… nothing seem to unfreeze this…


OK guys… at least I know it won’t just come around…. But when restarting a really cool feature actually was presented, the game has not been played out, I just picked up where it was left off… but of course.. not with a favorable outcome….


Standing on 15 when dealer has 8 usually will result in cruel punishment… and so it did this time as well… I’ve made up my mind.. two more hands and I’m outieeee…


OKEY… working my way back… only a $4 win but it is better than a $2 loss… Let’s hope for one more and I will feel a lot more relieved…


Oooouuuch 17 and dealer has 3…. Hum with my luck today I won’t stand much chance…


Another 3 for the dealer, followed by a 9 and I felt the hope rising a bit…. Just to be turned down when the third 3 for the dealer shows it’s ugly face… DAMN I REALLY SHOULD TAKE A REST GUYS…

2010/09/25 05:03 AM

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