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Deuces Wild on Carnival Casino

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Deuces Wild is a variation of a video poker game.


Usually, in a normal "Jacks or Better", you can get paid out if you get anything over a pair of Jacks.
In this game you cannot get paid out unless you get three of a kind or more.
But, "2" cards are all treated as wild cards.

So let's see how this compares to a normal Jacks or Better game.

In this hand, I made a three of a kind of with a "2" wild card.


But in this hand, I don't win anything on this pair of Jacks.


I don't win anything on this two pair either...


But in this hand, I got a straight because I had the "2" card.


It looks like this is good game if you are looking only for those big hand wins, and don't mind losing on the small hands.

And here is a big hand!
A four of a kind with two "2" wild cards!


I can't fight off the urge to do a Double Up!
Here goes something!!!!


I had to draw a card bigger than "K", but I drew a "J"...
Gotta wait for my next big win! haha

Wow, and here it is!
On my next hand, a full house!


Gotta Double Up again. haha


Ah I feel better now :)
I think I will stop here on a good play!

Have a good day!

2010/09/28 01:05 PM

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