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Blackjack strategy play shall make me victorious, or??

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Hello there fellow gaming peps…!

Since I finished off the last session I have to admit… that I got a bit tippsey one evening and had a few spins at the…. Yeah you guess right the Beach Life Progressive slot… which ended up in that I after a few spins had a balance of $90.40 that I am starting with today…

I thought to do something I haven't done before and that is to play blackjack with the help of a strategy card…


It's said that this little baby will reduce the house edge to 0.42% which is helluva lot better than playing by hart… or head he he and give the house 2.97% house edge..


Okey, so after a quick glance of “my ticket to victory” I load up the table and strategically pull up my little strategy card and place it next to the table so I easily can follow the suggested actions and ….. WIN..!


OOOhhh yeeeeh, first little baby step bet goes just as planned… but in all honesty… who WOULDN'T STAND ON 19??? Ha ha ha
Well it is a better start than loosing….


Which is exactly what I did for the following few bets…. Hum… maybe this strategy won't make me invincible??? Well well it is still too early to say either this or that…. Let's give this “little helper” a proper chance to prove itself.


Huuuummmm I know patience is a virtue…. But I have a very bad feeling about relying on this strategy, or it's just simply a streak of bad luck… but splitting two picture cards when the dealer has 5 open, and end up with 15 and 16 isn't really what I was hoping for…. And to make it even worse that ba$tard dealer turned 9 and added a 5 to stand on 19…!!!


Hitting on 16 when dealer… sorry the ba$stard dealer has open 9 didn't work well either… busted as busted can be…!
I have a bad bad feeling that this is the beginning of the end my friends….


Increasing the stakes to make a quick comeback… sounds good in theory but ending up with a push 21… feels crap in reality…!
I've never done any withdrawal and I feel that this is the time to try to pull out a bit of the balance that is still ahead….


OOOooopps not possible, not only can I only withdraw to the same payment method I deposited with… but they also “THREATEN” me that if I proceed they will remove ALL PLAY BONUSES in my balance… hum I don't even have a clue of how much that threat actually translates to… better get back to the table…


FINALLY I thought… twin ACE and the ba$stard at open 3… time to split and rake home the proceed…
… I thought, but oohhh boy could I have been more wrong…. Even with two picture cards giving me two 21's the dealer ending up adding 6,3,9 to the already open 3 to tie me with a 4 card 21…!! UNBELIEVABLE…!!


Finally… the first Blackjack of the evening…. And lot's to come I hope….


COULD I HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG??? A long and sad loosing streak took me from a balance of $50 bucks down to $22 faster than I could say… BLUEBERRY PIE… that's it I've had it… I got totally ripped even though I had that little helper strategy…. Need to contemplate and get me back into the winning streak…

2010/09/09 02:02 PM

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