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Blackjack 3hand – without strategy card!!

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$22 bucks my friends, that is the sad balance I start with after my extremely poor attempt to become victorious using the strategy card for the single deck blackjack… so back to a play by hart and my own superstition on the 3 hand blackjack instead… need to work up the balance a bit or I’m forced to make another deposit … and goes without saying that is not my game plan at all…!
Starting small with $2 on three hands…. 10, 4 and 9 is what I’m dealt… could have been worse…
Ouch… dealer got an open 10… Ohhh boy I guess my bad luck streak on Blackjack has followed me from the single hand table to here… damn…!
Well I’m holding my three hands on 21, 14, and 19 so lets see how this goes…


Dealer draws 4 and 8… BUST…! Okey let’s hope this is a break the the bad luck streak then…
10, Q, 10 and dealer opens 5….!!! That’s more like it


Blackjack, 14, 17 SWEET… and dealer draws 10, J to go bust on 25…. A small victory of $17 feels so much better than the disappointing results that I had on the single hand blackjack…


I seem to have caught a little bit of luck here, winning $22 although push on one of the hands…
Okey, I’m going to end this session if I win the next hand as well just to show what mind control I have on my playing….
But I have to admit, it wouldn’t be too sad if I lost the hand and kept on playing… he he he


DEALER BUST… hum hip hip hurray I guess, the won $14 bucks mean that I more than doubled the balance during this short session…. Hum… I could always play a bit more, wouldn’t be too bad, right??
NO when you made up your mind you should stick with it… that’s really a golden rule… so I guess I’m over and out guys!!

2010/09/15 03:34 PM

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