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Back with the purple hair wig…!!

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Fellow gaming hobbyists… sad to say but when I woke up this morning I swear that I could spot a few purple hairs when I was fixing the hair. That can’t be interpreted in any other way than that today I should go Vegas Granny Style and try my luck at the Progressive slots!

Starting with a balance of $53 thanks to the 3 hand blackjack session I had few days ago… Okey off to the bank of slots, and more specifically my new favorite little machine Beach Life.

There’s no real point of thinking too much on the slots, but the game plan is WIN OR DIE!! I will either get a real boost to the balance or I will wipe it out….


I like that the first bet automatically is set to MAX bet $10 when the slot window is opened… well no more wait is needed just hit spin… and here we go…!


Starting off well, I must say $14.5 back on the first spin, that beats being down $10… Maybe this is a good day at the beach my friends???


WoooW… if it isn’t the ice cream then it’s the icicles….SWEET $47.50, looks like it will be a great day at the beach, maybe I should set a magic number… I mean the number I need to reach in balance before I end this session… ?? Not doing that I have a feeling that it ends with that my balance gets dry as sand… hummm well let’s hold on to that thought a bit.


Oh oh oh… beach life has been ruined by rain, wind and other unpleasant things… like LOSING STREAKS!
I’m hoping the weather clears up FAST or this will be the beginning of the end for me guys!
Ohhhh down to what could be the last bet… if this goes down then I would have had 8 lost $10 spins in a row… SLOTS are as dangerous as any other game…


Pheeew $20 win on ??? right… you read that right…. ??? I really don’t get where the $20 bucks line is… do you??
Equally happy over the win I now have at least 3 more spins… hopefully MANY MANY MORE….


Well it doesn’t look like MANY MANY MORE at all guys… this ship seem to be sinking…
Two quick losses and I’m down on what could be the last spin…. But let’s hope it’s just a dip in the luck and I’m hitting something BIG on this one….


Reels are spinning and so is my head… this could be the last one!!!
First reel stop on my favorite… ICE CREAM… come to papa now! Bring me the pleasures and rewards of my cold buddies…


DAMN… DAMN…DAMN…DAMN…. 4 last reels are really not following the plan...! I’m sadly but true over and out… pockets inside out… my balance is dry and that is how it will be until I dare myself back to the beach…!

Next session I’m gonna try something new… Hope you have better luck at the tables than I did Amigos..!!

2010/09/18 10:23 AM

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