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Atlantis on Imperial Casino

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It seems that weekends are busier than weekdays in the summer...
I get so many phone calls of barbecues, parties, or drinking and I am already filled up for the rest of the month...

Well so it seems weekday nights are my "relax times".
Today, I had a rough day at work, so I want to play some slots.
Slots are good to play when you don't want to think to much every time you play, and want to just sit, relax, and watch the reels spin.

I have played "Atlantis" at Everest Casino, that uses the same software as Imperial Casino.


I have been wanting to play this again for quite a while now!
The game has really awesome graphics and the bonus games are quite fun.
So here we go.

Here is what Atlantis looks like.


You can adjust the number of pay-lines and the number of coins you want to bet per pay-line, and the value of each bet on the control panel on the left bottom.


I will start playing with the lowest value of coin, with one bet per pay-line, until I get used to the game.
Clicking "Spin" changes the characters on each of the circles.

Oh I never knew this, but when you win, you can click on the "Gamble" button to either double-or-nothing or quadruple-or-nothing your winnings, but trying to match the color or suit of the card that will be randomly drawn.


Here is my first bonus game.
I need to pick one out of the four characters on the bottom line, that is the correct character.


Cool, I won the first pick!
Now I am moving up to the second row.


I won the second row as well, but lost the third row.
But still my total winnings went up to "78" bets!


WHOA, on my second time at getting this bonus game, I went all the way to the top row!!
Here is what happens when you choose the right characters for all rows!!


My total win was 263!!


The graphics as well, but the sound for this game is really nice!
It really give you the feeling of entering an unknown land on the ocean floor.

It seems you can also win "Free Spins" in this game.
On this spin, I won 5 free spins.


Phew, had quite a lot of fun with this game.
I think there is still much more to the game, and other bonus games.
It will take me a bit more to explore this game fully.
But overall, a very well made game that can be recommended to anyone that likes slots!

2010/09/14 10:40 PM

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