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At the tables!

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Finally ready to take on the first baccarat action, it's a relief to finally have two accounts with money in them after my payment hassles. I have $62 in the 32red account and $60 in the Casino Las Vegas account when both welcome bonuses have been added. (you might wonder where the $10 registration bonus went... I had two $5 bets at the Blackjack table which is too painful to talk about so I will erase this from my memory, just as quick as the casino erased the 10 bucks from my account....)

I'm heading to 32red first, I have a vague recollection that I never have liked the MGS RNG baccarat, but I simply can't remember why....??

The 32red lobby is actually a very structured lobby where you either can have "tree menu mode" or the more pleasing to the eye graphics mode. If you just installed the software you will have a number of games that aren't installed yet, but you simply click on the game and it will install in seconds.

After a quick glance at the Baccarat table I remember why there was something that I didn't like.... The minimum bet is $10, which normally isn't a huge problem but when you only got $80 to play for it really could be a killer to your playing session. The longest loosing hand streak I've had at baccarat was 13 lost hands in a row, and it is not uncommon to loose 5-6 hands in a row.... Hum what to do?? Well I'm here to play so I'll have a swing at it anyways and if I'm down on my luck I'll try some other games to win it back...

Over to Casino Las Vegas, the overall graphics layout, the lobby and games of Playtech casinos is really state of art...! (it has come a long way from the time I first got in contact with them in 2000 at the time I worked for Sunny Group of Casinos and we were the first larger casino group to sign on with them, we left Microgaming under chaotic time flies...right!!!)

Flicking through the lobby to find the baccarat tables was just as smooth as one would like... From logging in you'll find yourself playing at the tables quicker than you can say Blueberry pie..!

August 10_1.jpg

The denomination of chips are really kind considering that the betting limit is $100. I'm tempted to use the old school double up bet strategy not that it changes the house advantage in any way but it normally gives a lot more play for your money.

August 10_2.jpg

Starting with a $2 bet, if win I simply bet $2 again, and keep doing so until I loose... A loosing bet of $2 makes your next bet $4 (double the bet to win back your previous lost bet) and so it goes... So if your in a loosing streak it really will wipe you out... $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $256, $512, $1024, $2048.... ($1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $256, $512, $1024)
Since the table limit is $100 this strategy is not really that efficient, but "it's hard to teach old dogs to sit" so I will base my play on a revised version of the strategy hoping that I don't have a loosing streak longer than 6 in a row...

The action....

August 10_3.jpg

I'm opening up the session with a few losses of $2 bets, this does not give me the feel of a good day with lady fortuna on my side, it seem to be a day where the house will win!

August 10_4.jpg

But I got a few $4 and $8 winning bets and working my way up to where we started from…. It seem to be a real battle session today… huuummmm maybe I should do the smart thing and end this early today….. naaawww I've waited too long to get some action, some days you win some days you loose, I'll do my best to prevent the latter…

August 10_5.jpg

Too bad I cannot access the history so I could have shown you guys, but I had maybe 4 ties in a row… and when I finally dared to bet on tie 9 to 1 in odds… of course… IT WAS A DEAD BEAT BET…!

August 10_6.jpg

I'm really not getting into the flow here… a few wins but more losses… down to just over $40 now and I really feel that I'm working up-hill… a few quick bigger bets and I'll end the day even or…. Just lose more… ha ha ha

August 10_7.jpg

OK… Just over $50… let's keep the winning hands coming…!

August 10_8.jpg

A natural 8 win will have to be the hand that I call it the day on today… too bad that I had no real luck on my side today, I was so excited to play… but better make the session short than get totally stripped on my first day at the tables…

Hope you guys are doing a lot better on your first day at the tables… and in all fairness the $30 bucks bonus still make my ending balance of $50 a day I stayed ahead… he he he

2010/09/03 12:54 PM

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