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3D Roulette on Carnival Casino

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Playing some roulette today.
Carnival Casino has a nice one called 3D roulette.


The roulette is very nice in graphics and the navigation is very simple and easy.

I am not sure what this is called but the below picture on the left side of the screen makes it easy to place bets.


Clicking on various parts of this board places chips on set numbers and places.
So clicking one or two of these makes it easy to place a number of chips on the table.

Here is what it looks like when you win!


You can click on the "Breakdown" button to see more details on how much you won with each coin placed.

Also, as a guide to your play, you can see the previous winning numbers displayed at the bottom of the screen.


In this case, you can see that many numbers in the teens have won in the recent plays.
That means I want to stay away from the teens, due to that it probably wont land there so many consecutive times.
So I spread the chips out like this...


And sure enough!
I won pretty big!


Okay, I ended with a bit of a loss, about $5.
I was at a much bigger loss, but I made most of that back in the last round of plays!

2010/09/17 07:54 PM

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