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Video Poker on Imperial Casino

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Playing random games on Imperial today.
Now I'm playing video poker...


I wonder what kind of strategies there are for video poker...
I think there should be a factor of probability on what cards to hold.
Especially because there is only one deck being used.

For example, in the case below:


There is a choice to hold the two 7's or the Jack.
For the Jack, I would need one of the three Jacks left in the deck.
The remaining number of cards left in the deck is 52 minus 5, which is 47.
Also, if I hold the Jack, there are four cards in the hand that will be drawn.
So the probability of drawing another Jack should be:

3/47 + 3/47 + 3/47 + 3/47 = 0.255

So the probability of getting this hand is 25.5%

On the other hand, for holding the two 7's,
There are two 7's left in the deck, and 3 cards in the hand being drawn.
So the calculation is:

2/47 + 2/47 + 2/47 = 0.128

So the probability of winning a three of a kind is 12.8%
Dunno if this helps in any way...
But knowing the probabilities will help in choosing the cards to hold according to the payout.

Anyway, got a flush!
So far this is my biggest win.


Whoa, forget that, just got a Full House.


Will stop here, while I am up.
I should go and try to find some strategies for the next time I play.

2010/08/21 09:35 PM

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