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Ah weekend.
I went to a BBQ yesterday with some friends in a big park.
How nice it is to sit outside, throw some frisbee and then eat meat till you can't move any more. haha
Everything was quite nice, except that for one of the guys started to hit on another girl, when his wife was sitting next to him. haha
Not the smartest guy I know...

It's Sunday now and I will play some Video Poker today, again at Carnival Casino.


As you can see, there are quite a number of different Video Poker to choose from.

Let's try the 4-line Jacks or Better.


In this game, I control 4 hands in one play.
I am going to choose $0.05 bet per hand, to start with.
Clicking on "Bet Max" will allow me to bet on all four hands.

Now I get my first draw.
I can click on the cards I want to hold for all four hands.
I will hold the "K".


I got a pair of K's in two of my hands.
Since I won, I can choose to "Double Up" or just stop now and collect my winnings.
Doubling up means I play a simple game to double my winnings, but if I lose, I lose all of my winnings.
In this game, I can also choose to double up only half of my winnings, and collect the other half.

I will try the double up.


Now, a "7" is shown.
I need to click on one of the four cards that are located on the right side of the open card, and if the card I choose is a larger number than "7", I win the double up.


Ah, I lose...

The good thing about playing with many lines, is that if I already get a winning hand in my first draw, I can hold those cards, meaning all four of my hands are guaranteed to win.



So here, I had a two pair to start with, and one the hands got a full house, for a total win of $3.75!

Been playing for a while now, going up and down but overall, I am winning.
Alright, got a two pair on the first draw, so all my hands won a two pair or a full house, for a win of $3.75!


I think I will quit my playing with doing a double up on this winning!
If I win, I can quit today with a win!


So in total, I won a bit over $14 today, not bad for playing only with $0.05 per hand!

2010/08/08 01:57 PM

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