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Slots on Carnival Casino

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To play through my bonus points, I am playing slots on Carnival Casino today.


I received a welcome bonus at Carnival Casino, which is a bonus that I can received when I make my first deposit at the casino after making an account.
But in order to withdraw my bonus, I need to play 20 times the amount of my bonus.
I have been playing some games already to try to fulfill this requirement.

Also, be careful when you are playing on bonus points because playing on some specified games do not count towards fulfilling this requirement.
Slots are okay to play to play through the bonus, for Carnival Casino's welcome bonus.

I always use the "auto play" feature when playing slots.
Auto play is a feature where you can specify various settings to have the casino software automatically spin the slot game without you having to press the "Spin" button every time.

For example, for the slot games on Carnival Casino (which use the Playtech software and games), the "auto spin" feature looks like this:


On the far right, in the "Spins" box, you can place how many spins you want the software to automatically spin.
On top of the number of spins, you can set various settings for these spins.
For example you can set the software to pause the automatic spins when you win over a certain amount on a spin.


Here, I have set it so that it pauses on a win over $3.
The auto spins also stop when you get bonus games.
When this happens, it looks like this:


This is a good way to play, while watching TV, or doing some work on the side, because you only need to click on something when you have a big win or on a bonus game.

Another way to utilize this feature is to have the slots running on auto play while you play another game, like so:


Well, I know I will be here for a while on these slots. haha

Wish me luck on winning the jackpot!

2010/08/27 10:08 PM

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