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Live Roulette on Carnival Casino

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Hello there!

I am slowly getting over my cold.
What kind of remedies does everyone use to get over colds?
In Japan, Chinese herbs are very popular.
I took some yesterday, and I feel surprisingly better today.
The only problem is that the herbs tastes really really bad...

Now, getting back to my play at Carnival Casino.
I would like to report to you how it went.
Last time, I received a 200% welcome bonus on my deposit of $40, so I am starting with $120.

I decided to play a live dealer game.
At a live dealer game, you can play against real dealers that appear on a live streaming video!
It's really like playing at a real casino!

So, checking the details of my welcome bonus, it appears that I cannot play Live Baccarat, so I will choose Live Roulette.

Clicking on Live Roulette on the games menu takes me to this popup page.


Here, I can choose from different tables available, but at the timeframe that I played, they only had one table available, with a dealer named Juliana.
On the table details, you can also find the minimum and maximum amount per bet that I can place.
Meaning, I can bet as low as $0.10 or $25 per bet.

Click "JOIN" to go into the roulette table.
Here is the screen that I get.


You can see the previous results on the "History" screen on the left side of the screen.

Let the games begin!

I started low with $0.10 chips, then worked my way up.
To make a bet, simply choose the chip value you want to bet with, on the lower left side of the screen, then place the chips by clicking on the various locations on the roulette table.
Remember to click on the "Confirm bet" button before the time limit, or your bets will not be accepted.
Here was my first bet:


The result is a "34".
I lose...


Here is what it looks like when you win.


After getting the hang of it, I switched over to the $0.50 chips, to aim for bigger wins.
For example, on this win, I bet on the horizontal line that covers 7, 8, and 9.
This gave me a win of $6!


I set a rule for myself again, or else, I have no idea when to stop or what to aim for.
My goal was to stop betting at either $130 or $100.

I bet about $2 on each turn, trying to avoid the number that have been the winning number in the recent spins.
This works pretty well, I get a hit every couple of turns.
Also, I try to spread out my chips to cover more of the table.

I'm to $126.80, almost there!


But then... I got caught on a losing streak...
So, I decided to change strategies and bet bigger on the numbers that I think will hit, and bet small chips on a wide range of the table.
Like this.


I'm hoping this will minimize my loses and maximize my wins.
My final result is $98.
The two times the ball hit the "0" hurt me real bad...


I realized that I played quite a long time, and I managed to stop myself with a loss of only $22, which means I have only lost 1/4 of my bonus points.
Thank goodness for the bonuses!

Roulette is quite exciting and easy.
Give it a try if you have not played yet!

2010/08/01 06:46 PM

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