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August 2010 Experience Reports

  • 08/01… Live Roulette on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Hello there! I am slowly getting over my cold. What kind of remedies does everyone use to get over colds? In Japan, Chinese herbs are very popular. I took some yesterday, and I feel surprisingly better today. The only problem...

  • 08/04… Blackjack on Carnival Casinochuckie
    A bit of casino in on my lunch break:) I work in a game development company in Japan, and have one hour for lunch, which gives me enough time to eat a sandwich while I play some casino games! Of...

  • 08/08… Video Poker on Carnival Casinochuckie
    Ah weekend. I went to a BBQ yesterday with some friends in a big park. How nice it is to sit outside, throw some frisbee and then eat meat till you can't move any more. haha Everything was quite nice,...

  • 08/11… Batman on Inter Casinochuckie
    I'm gonna melt... What is this insanely hot summer.. I have summer vacation this week but i don't feel like going out anywhere in this heat and humidity. Tomorrow I will go out with friends, but today I will take...

  • 08/16… Cubis on Inter Casinochuckie
    Playing on Inter Casino on my lunch break again :) Let's do a simple game that can be played quickly. Hmm, "Cubis" sounds like a fun game. Let's try it. Here is what it looks like. Whoa, I have no...

  • 08/21… Video Poker on Imperial Casinochuckie
    Playing random games on Imperial today. Now I'm playing video poker... I wonder what kind of strategies there are for video poker... I think there should be a factor of probability on what cards to hold. Especially because there is...

  • 08/24… Blackjack on Imperial Casinochuckie
    The closest land based casino to where I live in Japan, is Korea or Macau. I have never been to a Korean casino, but have been to Macau many times. In Macau, the favorite game of the visitors is Baccarat,...

  • 08/25… Webmaster introCalle
    Hi there fellow gaming enthusiasts! Welcome to Casino Online Diaries! Here at Casino Online Diaries we aim to guide you to safe and exciting gaming online by giving you experience reports in our blogs from players that start out just...

  • 08/27… Slots on Carnival Casinochuckie
    To play through my bonus points, I am playing slots on Carnival Casino today. I received a welcome bonus at Carnival Casino, which is a bonus that I can received when I make my first deposit at the casino after...

  • 08/31… Blackjack on Inter Casinochuckie
    I am getting hooked on Blackjack... Inter Casino's Blackjack is very nice. Really nice interface and no need to move around the mouse too much when playing. I think it is very well thought through. You can use the "Auto-Bet"...


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