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Blackjack on Imperial Casino

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The closest land based casino to where I live in Japan, is Korea or Macau.
I have never been to a Korean casino, but have been to Macau many times.
In Macau, the favorite game of the visitors is Baccarat, and there are many many tables for Baccarat.

My favorite game to play at a casino is Blackjack.
When you have a large number of players playing on a table, since we are all playing against the dealer, there is a kind of feeling of unity where we all are on the same team.
Also, I have experienced wins where I have tripled my money.

Soooo, let's try some Blackjack on Imperial Casino.
I will play Classic Blackjack.


In Classic Blackjack, you can play with up to three hands.
Usually it's a good idea to have more than one hand, so that you can try to control the cards that the dealer will get by using your hand on the far left.

My strategy is this.
Since the deck has many cards that is counted as "10".
Therefore, I count on that the next card that the dealer will draw will be a 10.

Therefore, I will go strong when the dealer has anything between 2 to 6, because this in my mind is a "Bust" for the dealer has a high chance to draw two 10's which will make the total go over 21.

For example, in this hand:


The dealer has "5", so I am going to assume that the dealer will bust, so I want to go strong.
My two hands are a "4" and a "10", so I will Double on both hands.
A Double means I get to increase the bet amount to two times the bet amount, in return that I only draw one more card.


Just as I planned, the dealer busts.
Since I went in strong, I won twice the amount of my original bet, on both hands.

Just this simple strategy works well.
I am already up $30 from where I started :)
I am playing well, so I will set my goal to $150, which is $70 more than my starting amount.
Let's see if I can hit this goal!

Man, I am going back and forth around $120...
I think I will stop here, since I have been playing for quite a while now.

Well, I did not reach my goal, but I am up by about $40!

2010/08/24 11:26 PM

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