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Blackjack on Carnival Casino

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A bit of casino in on my lunch break:)
I work in a game development company in Japan, and have one hour for lunch, which gives me enough time to eat a sandwich while I play some casino games!
Of course while I do so, I try to show as many people as I can, to try to spread online casinos more in here.
In Japan, online casinos are still very much unknown to the public.

Well well, so I am here with one of my colleagues and I will show him blackjack today.
I am playing at Carnival Casino again, to try to work through my bonus points.


This is a table with betting limits of $1-$100, meaning I can bet a minimum of $1, or a maximum of $100.
I will bet with $1 for now.

Basically I am playing with a strategy where, if my first two cards are 11 or less, I will hit, if not, I will stand.


So here, I will hit.


I got a 19, and dealer has an 18, and I win.

On this hand, I have two face cards, totalling '20'.


The dealer has a '2' open...
Since there are more cards in the deck that are calculated as '10' than other cards (10, J, Q, K), I am going to read that the dealer's face down card is a '10', and third card that the dealer will draw will also be a '10', which means the dealer will bust.
So, I want to maximize my winnings, meaning I will do a "Split", which means that I will divide up my hand into two.
I can only split when I have two cards of the same value.
When I do a split, I need to add the same bet amount that I put, because I have one more hand now.
The second cards for each of my hands are dealt.


Whoa, what luck!
I got a '20' and '21'!


The dealer busts as I predicted and I won on both of my split hands!
This could not have gone any better. haha
Anyway, I got 10 more minutes left for lunch time, lets see how I end up.


Haha, that feels good, I ended with a blackjack!
I ended with a win (only of a few dollars though).
Well worth the play.

My colleague got more excited in the playing than me though :)
I think he will go and make his own account tonight. haha

2010/08/04 12:24 PM

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