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Batman on Inter Casino

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I'm gonna melt...
What is this insanely hot summer..
I have summer vacation this week but i don't feel like going out anywhere in this heat and humidity.

Tomorrow I will go out with friends, but today I will take the luxury of spending a lazy day at home under the cool winds of the air conditioning :)

Today I feel like playing some slots.
Inter Casino has many slots based on famous themes such as comic characters or movies.
"Batman" looks like a good choice


Cool opening movie!


In this slot you have 50 paylines!
And, you can choose how much money to bet per payline.
I will choose 1p, so each spin will be a bet of 0.50GBP.


Check out the cool graphics when playing this game.
For example, you can get wild reel items like in the picture below, where if you win, you can see the cool animation.


The good thing about betting many lines is that you can win multiple wins in one hit!
Check out this big win of 11.24GBP on this spin!


Nice, you can win free spins in this game!
You know you won when you see this animation.


WOW! On this free spin round, I won a total of 13.44GBP!
I played a few more times, going up and down to about where I started, then I hit the free spins again to win 10GBP!
I will stop here while I am winning.
My final balance is 46.85GBP, so I am up about 11GBP from where I started.
Whoo-hoo :)

2010/08/11 11:13 AM

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