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Slots on Zipang Casino

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Okay, to pick up from my last entry...
Last time I ended off the entry without even playing. haha
That won't do for an experience report, so let's play some casino tonight!

Anyways, it has been quite a long time since I last played.
So first, let me see what casino accounts I have...
Hmm, seems that the only casino account that I have with any money in it is this:

Zipang Casino: $25.02


Click here to read more about Zipang Casino.

I can't really start like this can I.

Okay, let me see, I need to deposit to a casino to play on...
I've always used NETELLER, but let me try something else this time.
How about Click2Pay.
I've heard that deposits with credit cards using Click2Pay is easier, because you don't have to deposit first into the Click2Pay account, then into the casino account.
As long as you register your card, you can directly deposit.

Now I'm gonna go through the steps of making an account for the first time:
Click here to read how to make an account on Click2Pay.

Okay, so I made the account, and I got the phone call for them to verify my identity.
It was easy, they just asked me some questions that I entered into the registration form.
Now, I got an email like this:


Meaning, I need to send them a copy of my passport and credit card.
I happened to have a scan copy of my passport in my PC, but I don't have one for my credit card... and I don't have a scanner at home...
I wonder if they would accept a photo from my iPhone.
Well, let's try.

So, I will send this off to the email address on that email above.
Okay, sent.
This is the email I sent off:


(I scratched off my real name there for obvious reasons...)

Now they need to call me for verification.

But who can wait, I will work off of the $25 that I have at Zipang Casino until then...

I need to use this wisely because I don't have much to play with...
BUT, I want to play for big bucks...
Only one answer I guess, let's try to find a progressive slot that allows me to play with low denominations.

Here are some options:

I need to bet $1.25 per bet to get a Jackpot
The Jackpot is $7,315

I need to bet $0.25 per bet to get a Jackpot
The Jackpot is $125,208

I need to bet $0.75 per bet to get a Jackpot
The Jackpot is $2,631

Queen of the Pyramids
I need to bet $1.35 per bet to get a Jackpot
The Jackpot is $37,510

I need to bet $0.75 per bet to get a Jackpot
The Jackpot is $3,168

Wall ST Fever
I need to bet $0.55 per bet to get a Jackpot
The Jackpot is $22,368

The choice seems clear, CineRama gives out the biggest jackpot with the smallest wager.
Lets start playin!

Let's check out the "Paytable" first.
The paytable shows you which wins pays out how much.


If I get a headphone or 3 directors, I get a bonus round, and 5 cameras gives out the JACKPOT!
Good stuff.

Now, I have to make sure to click on "BET MAX" or else I won't be betting on all paylines..
Here we go...

Wow, on my first win, I got the bonus round!


I guess I need to pick one actor...
Let's pick the guy on the far right.


Now I get a list of actresses to pick from...
Hmm, the lady on the far left seems to be a good fit for a comedy film. haha
No need to comment on that some of these actresses look pretty familiar...


I won $0.25 extra, which is worth one spin.
Not bad I guess.
Back to the game...

Man, it's my lucky day!
My second win was the other bonus round!


The third one looks interesting, let's pick that one.
Whoa, a $2.50 win!


Thats like... 10 spins worth!
Wow thanks, haha.

The sound of the reels stopping for this game is not bad.
Has a nice feel to it.

Cool, I'm getting small win after small win.
My balance hasn't moved much at all, which I think is a good thing, since I'm aiming for the Jackpot and want as many spins as possible on my $25...

Man, look at this!


If I had one microphone on my first reel, I would have won $25, which could have doubled my money!
Just missing the first reel doesn't payout one cent...

I'm getting a few of these bonus games...
But, I wonder why the "Director" is the bald guy in a tank top... haha


I've played maybe for 25minutes non-stop and am still at $23.52, which is alright considering the number of spins.
No big wins today.
But, I was able to do quite a number of spins though.
Sure want that jackpot!

Let's hope for Click2Pay to call me soon so that I can make a deposit.
I will try a different game other than slots next time.

G nite!

2010/07/21 12:05 AM

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