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Hello there :)

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Hello readers!
Thanks for visiting my first entry on the Casino Online experience report!

I guess before I start, let me describe my history with online casinos...
I first learned of such a thing as online casinos perhaps 5 years ago, from my business partner who used to work for an online casino company in Sweden.

I don't quite remember which casino I played on first...
Most likely a casino called Gaming Club Japan (I live in Japan btw).
Gaming Club is apparently one of the longest running casinos in the industry.


They had moved into Japan under the brand name Gaming Club Japan, but unfortunately they had terminated their Japan operations a couple of years ago...
I guess Japan was not a big enough market as they first expected...
But there are talks to legalize real casinos (not online) here soon, which will be really exciting!!

Anyway, my natural choice for the first ever game to play on an online casino was slots.
This is because sadly enough, I had never played table games in my life.
Slots are easy because all I have to do is spin, and the machine will tell me if I had won anything on that spin.


Also, you have the chance to win extremely large winnings on some slots.
You will find that most online casinos have what is called a "Progressive Jackpot", where a HUGE jackpot accumultes over time, sometimes exceeding one million US dollars!!


You can read comments on the websites of online casinos of some of the players that have won these insane jackpots in the past.
If you are like me, while you are playing, you will always be thinking, "How shall I should use all of this money wisely, if I won the jackpot on this spin".

Sadly, I have never won a large jackpot...
I think my biggest win on a slot was $600US, which isn't too bad, considering I don't bet with large denominations.
On most slot games, you can choose the denominations of your coins.
Meaning, if you have to bet 5 coins per payout line, you can choose if each of those coins are worth 5 cents, or 5 dollars.
This affects how big your winnings will be, so you can choose to play with low-risk-low-return or with high-risk-high-return.


All this writing about slots makes me want to play a bit...
I will break off the explanation of my past history of playing on online casinos till next time. haha

Progressive jackpots, here I come!!!!

2010/07/15 02:23 PM

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