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First try at "Three Card Poker" on Inter Casino

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Hello :)
Man it is getting extremely hot here in Japan (I live in Osaka Japan)
It was just the rainy season that I think has ended or is ending soon.
This year was terrible with almost what seemed like sudden tropical squalls...

How do I get by the heat and rain??
I am getting hooked on what are called "Poker Bars".
In Japan, it is not allowed to gamble for money in real physical shops, so what you do is buy chips to play and if you win, you can use the chips to buy food and drinks within the bar.
Meaning, you can't cash out and take your winnings home.
So in that way, it is not as exciting as online casinos, but is mighty fun, when you are just going out for a drink or two,

Now that I have talked about poker, I have an urge to play a poker game.
Let's return to Inter Casino!

Looking through, there are quite a number of poker games, divided into:
Table poker games
Video poker games
Multi player poker games

Multi player sounds fun!
This is where you can play with other real players playing online now at Inter Casino.
I am going to choose Three Card Poker.


I've never played this before, so I am not sure of the rules...
What to do... What to do...
Let's try pressing the "Help" button on the bottom menu of the game software.
Bingo! Found the rules of the games.
When you press "Help", the Inter Casino website's support page opens.
Notice on the left side of the website, there are menu's for various games within the game software.
Choose "Card Games", then you will find another menu appearing on the right side of the screen.
Here, you can choose "3 Card Poker".
On the bottom of the explanation text is a link for the rules of the game.


Wow the rules are a bit complicated...
I think I will start by playing for free.
I am going to log out, then log back in in the "Practice Mode".

Gonna play slowly to try to understand the rules fully...
Okay, kinda get it.
There are two kinds of bets, the "Ante", which pays if I get better cards than the player, and "Pair Plus" which pays if I get anything above a one pair or higher.
I am dealt three cards and I can play it or fold it.
Playing means I need to bet the same amount as the Ante as my "Play" bet.
Even if I don't have a pair or higher, I can still win or lose depending on my highest card.
So in the case below,


I have an ace, so I should play this.
Cool, the dealer only has a 10, so I win.
But, I lose the "Pair Plus" bet because I don't have a pair or higher.

I can choose to bet either the "Pair Plus" or the "Ante".
If the dealer does not have a Q or higher, the dealer does not "qualify", meaning I win no matter what (conditional that I haven't folded), but, I only win on my Ante and not my Play bet.

Okay, I'm getting the hang of it.
It's not really wise to place teh Pair Plus bet, because it is difficult to get a pair or above.
I will only do so occasionally when I think something will come.

Cool, now I will try this for money.
The multi player version of the game starts with a minimum bet of 2 pounds...

Not sure I can afford that at the moment, so will try the normal table games version, which starts from a minimum bet of 1 pound.

Man, the excitement is totally different when you are playing with your own money...
Nice, I'm getting a streak of good cards, either high cards like kings or aces, or a pair of cards.
Let's hope this continues

A straight!!!!
Should have bet on the "Pair Plus"...


Oh cool, I didn't even know, but if you win on a straight or higher, you can win extra!
So on that straight, I got "2 to 1" on my Ante. nice nice nice...

My winning streak continues!


Now the difficult question is, when to stop...
I know that my streak will turn around some time, so I want to stop before this happens...

How about this, I started with 30 pounds.
I will stop if I reach 45 pounds, which is 1.5 times my starting amount.
I am currently at 40 pounds, so I will stop if I keep losing to 35 pounds, which secures me at least a 5 pound win.
Simple enough, but the most difficult part is to keep my emotions down so that I actually do what I said I would do. haha
Well, here we go...

Going back an forth on wins and losses...
Back at 40 pounds...

Finally broke the 40 pound barrier!
Up to 42 pounds now!
Uh oh, feeling the turn around in luck...
A streak of bad cards and losses... down to 37 pounds now.

Will I be lucky to make my 45 pounds??
Or lose on the next could of turns to stop at 35??
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the out come is...

Lost an ace high to a pair of sixes...
35 pounds it is!

As much as I want to keep playing and win back up to 40 pounds, I think I better stop.
But I secured a 5 pound win.
Haha not much money I guess, but my goal is to start with a small betting budget to build it up slowly.

Quite a fun game though, and exciting.
I will most likely return to play on this one.

2010/07/27 09:03 AM

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